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is creating resources and media for students and speakers of Manding
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Get access to:

  • Vocab list for each new "Na baro kè" episode
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Get access to all of the perks of the den tier plus:

  • Audio file for each new "Na baro kè" episode
Dugutigi - Tier 3
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Get access to all of the perks of the den and mògò tiers plus:

  • A 30% reduction on the cost of private Manding lessons with me (= $35 instead of $50 an hour)
  • Video file with subtitles for each new "Na baro kè" episode
  • Video file without subtitles for each new "Na baro kè" episode




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About An ka taa

Hi! I’m Coleman and I'm the linguistic anthropologist behind An ka taa.

What is An ka taa?

An ka taa is my project to offer resources, media and lessons for students and speakers of the West African trade language of Manding in all its forms: Bambara/Bamanan, Jula/Dioula, Maninka/Malinké, and Mandinka/Mandingo. Concretely this means the following:
  • a YouTube channel with a monthly series, Na baro kè, of street-side chats in West Africa that are subtitled in Manding, English and French
  • a mobile-friendly dictionary
  • a blog with regular postings about Manding
  • a curated resources page pointing to external apps, books, web sites, radio stations etc.

All of these resources are free for anyone to consult and will remain so!

What are the perks of being a patron?

First, as a patron of An ka taa, you get more out of the Na baro kè videos that I'm currently releasing monthly. For instance, you can get access to the following:
  • a curated vocabulary list for those of you that want to review some of the choice words and expressions that people used in the interviews
  • a downloadable audio file of each new episode (for podcast style listening)
  • downloadable versions of video files with and without subtitles for each new episode

Second, if you are interested in private Manding lessons, you can get access to this:
  • a monthly discount code bringing hourly one-on-one lessons with me down to $35 instead of $50.

The specifics are all laid out by tier to the right.

Are there other feel-good benefits?

Yes! In becoming a patron, you help me continue and expand my work of promoting Manding. I currently aim to to publish one "Na baro kè" episode and one blog post a month and I'm actively working to improve the dictionary's appearance and search functionality, but I'd like to do more. Currently, I cover all of the costs of hosting and producing An ka taa material myself and I work on it on the side of my full-time job. With your support, I could explore dedicating more time to An ka taa. More generally, you get my gratitude because you are helping contribute to something that I believe in: the importance of learning and promoting African languages.

How much do I pay?

As a patron, you are opting to support An ka taa with whatever amount you pledge monthly. This means you are are supporting the production of a "Na baro kè" episode, a blog post, as well as the server and software costs that go into the site and its resources. Should I plan on changing this production schedule, you will receive an update so that you can adjust your level of support as see you see fit.

How and when do I receive my perks?

In the days after the release of each new Na baro kè episode (usually on the 3rd Wednesday of the month) you will receive an email with information and download links for your Patreon perks. The content of these emails is also permanently found on our Patreon page under "posts".

Can I stop my support at any time?

Yes. If for whatever reason you no longer wish or are able to support my work on An ka taa, you can end your patronage on Patreon at any time.
$49 of $50 per month
$50 supports the production of the N'ko subtitle tier of "Na baro kè" episodes by local partners in West Africa.
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