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About Anna

My name is Anna I am a Berlin-based photographer and my focus is primarily on fine art portrait photography.
Firstly, I'm a professional artist. I have attended art schools since childhood, and then I chose to go to the University of Arts in Moscow to study architecture. During my studies, I became more familiar with photography and then started to dabble with it myself.

At the beginning it was just for fun, but then it grew into my passion, and then into my work. I used to work mostly in Japan due to the company at which I was employed. Fashion photography for magazines was my primary field. I still love to shoot fashion photography even after moving to Berlin and my break in the photography. However, I have started to do a lot of more personal work. My passion is Fine Arts of any medium, and I find it most appealing to interpret forms of narrative into my images.

This Patreon page is made mostly to share more content with people who really want to see more of my stuff. So be prepared for lots of backstage photos and videos, as well as unpublished and unedited works from all the projects! 🤓
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