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What a beautiful world it is we get to live in; complicated but meaningful, difficult but worthwhile, despairing yet joyful, full of opportunity and choice. It can be easy to get comfortable and static, so bringing intention and conscious into every aspect of my life is essential. 

What I am most fascinated by is people who have the ability to find consistency within their lives. 

My focus here - Finding consistent passion, purpose & productivity ✨
Exploring essentialism, self development, mental clarity, creativity & lifestyle design 💫

I've always taken the non traditional approach, inspired by authors like James Altucher, Tim Ferriss, Greg McKeown and Lucy H. Pearce, I've chosen to explore tools and habits that will allow me to live an optimally productive and purposeful life. 

Me in a Nut Shell
-- Built a Tiny House
-- Certified Forest Therapy Guide
-- Certified Soul Level Astrologer
-- Filmmaker
-- Dementia Caregiver

I want to bring honest discussions about topics like passion, continuous purpose, productivity, essentialism, self development, mental clarity, creativity, relationships, community & lifestyle design. 

I'll be publishing every Sunday and possibly Wednesday's. 

I’m grateful and humbled by my life thus far. The opportunities, experiences and change I’ve been able to experience has been magical. I’m privileged — coming from a supportive home with many opportunities to explore what I loved. To those who have had a piece of shaping where I am, thank you. This life I get to live is worthwhile and it has everything to do with the supportive people that have surrounded me throughout my life.

Thank you for being here and supporting me. 
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