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The Royal Birbs
per month

-access to sketches, WIPs and final art

This is the process that I don't usually show on social media

-wallpapers of final art

Formatted for phones, tablets, and desktops

The Royal Rodents
per month

-access to sketches, WIPs and final art

-wallpapers of final art

-Access to polls + comments during writing phase

This a collaborative element.

Example: If I start with some kids in the woods, you might choose for them to follow the sound of water, or follow a dim light at the end of the trail. Basically a choose your own adventure!

-video time lapses - one for every piece

I screen capture my painting process, so I'll make a video of it sped up to show the method and the madness

The Royal Foxes
per month

-access to sketches, WIPs and final art

-wallpapers of final art

-collaborative writing of short stories through polls + comments

-video time lapses - one for every piece


-pdfs of final story art in sequence

Once we've finished writing the story via polls and I've illustrated everything, I'll collect the final art to deliver you a short story pdf. The timing of this will vary along with the length of each story

-bi-monthly postcards of final art

A 4x6 postcard will be mailed to you, protected by an envelope, every 2 months. One side will be full art, the other you can fill out and send to someone awesome, or hang against your wall!



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