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About Anna Fritz

I’m a cellist, a folksinger, an activist, and a Quaker. I bring songs into the world that help people heal and pray and fight the good fight. It’s a calling that takes huge amounts of work and generates very little income. To keep being a conduit for this music, I need people to literally buy me the time to do it. My Patreon page is a place where you can:

1. Offer a monthly gift that sustains me, allowing me to make new songs and to travel, bringing these songs to more people.

2. Bear witness to fledgling songs, reflections on my process, and early drafts of writings.

The Longer Version

(for all you readers out there)

My Patreon page is a place where people who know what I do, as a cello-wielding activist folksinger, and want me to keep doing it, can financially support me (in tiny and huge ways).
It’s also a place where that circle of folks who believe in my work can hold a space for new work to be born.

I write songs that are tools and songs that are prayers. I make songs that hold us up and feed us and help lead us back to wholeness, songs that help us know our own power and how we’re meant to use it. I’ve seen these songs unite climate activists blocking trains carrying fossil fuels. I’ve seen these songs bolster the hearts of incarcerated women and mothers singing them together. I’ve seen these songs ignite a joyful spark in children feeling the strength of their own bodies. I’ve seen these songs crack open hearts fearfully closed to queer and trans people.

Birthing these songs is a miracle in my life, and it is also time consuming hard work. So is booking shows, running publicity campaigns, practicing for performance, and organizing tours.
I’ve given my life to this work because I am called mightily to it. Some years ago, I put listening for that still small voice at the center of my life. You can call it spirit, the universe, god, collective consciousness, the light, or just a mysterious other way of knowing. I’m not attached to the language, but there is something larger than myself I am listening for that brings these songs to life and insists that I devote myself to sharing them.

It is no mistake that being an activist folksinger is an impossible way to make a living. The art I make does not support the broken and oppressive culture of empire and therefore is not rewarded by it. If I am to keep doing this work, I must turn to the ones that see its value. My kindred who want to be called back to our power, our wildness, our inherent interconnectedness. Who want to be fed in our fight for justice and our struggle for healing. I ask you to hold me up with whatever you’ve got to give.

How It Works

You make a monthly pledge of $1 or $10 or $500 or whatever you feel good about. When you become a patron, you step into the circle of witnessing hearts holding space for my new work.

This is not a transactional thing. It is a gift you are giving because you believe in what I’m doing. And it’s a gift I am giving because it is my calling to do so. On this site I’ll be sharing fledgling songs, reflections on my process, and early drafts of writings. It will be a first glimpse of work - some that will end up professionally recorded with legs out in the world and some that will be moments we share and let go. Although these offerings will be accessible to all who visit this page, you who give the gift of material support can experience them knowing that you are part of the web that makes this work possible.
100% complete
October 2018 Prison Tour
UPDATE: Because of several one-time cash donations to this project, I was able to meet my funding goal at just $378 per month on Patreon!

I'm composing and performing music for a play, An Iliad, that we'll be performing in prisons throughout Oregon this fall. I'm working with a team of incredible professionals on this project, but there is very little funding. I will be losing about 1K of income per month, August through October, in order to do this work.Through the support of my community I know the difference can be made up and this moving piece of art brought to those with the least access who need it most!
More info about the project here.

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