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Thank you for giving and for supporting me! As a ghost, I may show up on spooky occasions and give my patrons YouTube shoutouts on my channel.

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Thank you for supporting me and my work! You rock!

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For every 50 patrons pledging $5 or more, I will post a YouTube video where you will all suggest ideas for me and vote on the ones you like. I will then pick an idea from the comments and make a YouTube video of it.

When I pick a topic, I will comment on the same video telling you all which idea I chose and "pinning" that comment to the top of the comments section so that you all can see it. 

The next video I make will have a "Thank You" section at the end to thank you all for your support of me. Hooraaayyyy! 


YouTube: Anna Jean Official
Instagram: @queenannajean
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Hello, friend!

First of all - thank you for visiting this page and for supporting me! I really appreciate it!

So, who am I and why am I on Patreon? I'm glad you asked! 

~ MY BIO ~
My name is Anna. I'm in my twenties. I think dogs are the best animals in the universe. I believe that unicorns are real. I dance and sing to myself whenever I do laundry. I love traveling and learning new languages. I used to jump off of things as a kid and see how high up I could be without breaking my legs on the fall. I'm allergic to dairy and gluten. I see luna moths whenever I need guidance. I'm endlessly in love with my partner, Michael, who you'll end up seeing in a lot of my content. I'm goofy and kind of a mad genius. I love people and I love being able to empower others. I love life and am happy that I'm here to experience it. Everything I do is an extension of seeing a beautiful, chaotic world and creating something out of it that I can share with others. 

I'm exceptionally creative and I dislike having a sole purpose in a career. I never want to say "I'm a musician" - I create music. I see my art as an extension of the self rather than as the core of my being. I write books, I dance, I create music, I record videos of myself talking about my thoughts on the world, and I act silly as often as possible. Overall, my content's central theme is empowerment: empowering and inspiring others to be leaders in their lives, and to invoke leadership in their peers. I am here to build a supportive community. I'm a happy soul and I believe life is fun and joyful, and that everyone should have equal access to building the life they want. This is what you will find when you visit my website or YouTube channel. 

As an artist, I want to empower other artists (and anyone, really) to believe in their work and pursue their dreams with confidence. I'm not cutthroat or competitive; I firmly believe that artists should support each other, and I hope that my creative platform will let me shout-out other artists I meet in this lifetime and bring success to them. 

When I was 20 and living overseas, I had a sit-down with myself and intervened in my own life. I was busting my butt to become a lawyer but thought every class I took in law was boring and uninspiring. I was good at it, and this made me think that it was meant for me. I didn't consider that being "good at it" is different from actually enjoying it.
I didn't like where my life was going, yet I was consumed by creating the appearance of being happy. I want my voice to be a platform that tells people: DON'T PRETEND. Be who you are and embrace it to the fullest extent possible. You have the power to do what you love if you're willing to let yourself start.

One of my goals is to show all of you how to create projects you love for free - this is a video series I intend on making. With that in mind, this money supports the parts of my creative process that are NOT free. These are:
1. Copyright fees
2. Third party distribution membership fees (i.e. DistroKid)
3. Website fees (i.e. upgrade my website and use a more custom URL)
4. May be used to upgrade my gear (i.e. invest in a video camera)
5. Merchandise (pay the upfront costs to get high quality merch at an affordable price for fans) - examples: hoodies, tee-shirts, keychains, custom/signed copies of my books, etc.

Most importantly, this money gives me the opportunity to turn my creative works into sustainable income. If you love what I do and want more content, supporting me financially is an excellent way to help me create more of what you love.

I chose Patreon so that fans can fund me directly and feel like they are supporting me, the person, instead of a brand. Patreon's existence is a reflection, I think, of consumers wanting to invest in the individual instead of a brand or idea. I love that users have concrete agency over where their money goes. 

~ Q & A ~
Q1: I want to support you, but I can't afford to pay on a month-by-month basis.
A1: No problem! To make a one-time donation, go here:

Q2: Do you even lift?
A2: Bro I'm swol do you see these arms

Q3: Got any life advice?
A3: Be brave. Being yourself is easy when you're brave, but hard when you let fear win. My best advice is to surround yourself with other people who choose to be brave in their lives, too. This will create a group of friends who love and support you for who you are, just as you do for them. 

Business: [email protected]
Fan Mail: [email protected]

Once again, thank you for supporting me! It's awesome! You're awesome!

Thank you for your support, and I hope you have an amazing day today!

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