Anna Marine

is creating Fantasy, gothic, pastel gothic, grunge art
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Pixie (Coloring challenge +extra content)
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▶︎ Monthly coloring challenge 

  • You'll receive a high quality .JPG of a line drawing of mine, and  you can color this using whatever medium or method you like (i.e. digitally, printing it out and coloring over it, tracing over it and  transferring it onto a canvas, etc)
  • I'll select 3-6 winners each month to proudly share on my 2 Instagram  accounts and 2 Facebook  accounts that's around 100,000 total followers! 


▶ ︎Patreon-exclusive art & studio pictures 

  • I about 2x as much on Patreon than on Instagram
  • More views of works in progress, unseen art, and my studio that I don't share anywhere else

  Early first-looks

  • Access to my newly finished paintings and drawings & limited originals before anyone else

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Fairy ( Step by step + unseen artworks + previous rewards)
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▶︎ Step-by-step photo tutorial package containing:

  • Work in progress of digital or traditional painting from concept sketch to completion organized by layers showing the step-by-step process (with my written comments)
  • Color mixing guidelines
  • Materials I use
  • One high resolution photo of the entire piece 

 ▶︎ Unseen artworks that weren't uploaded anywhere else

 All the previous rewards (coloring challenge, early first looks)   

Fae (NSFW Art+ secret sketchbook + previous reward)
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Every month I will upload digital or traditional sexy (tastefully) artwork

Peek into my secret sketchbook: 

  • Every month I will upload a scan or photo from my sketchbook
  • Each photo will be accompanied by a detailed write-up on my planning & creative process (including tips!)
  • Get a candid look at my raw/unpolished sketches, concepts and many more never-before-seen ideas!

▶︎ All the previous rewards ( step-by-step photo tutorial & color mixing guidelines, coloring  challenge, early first looks)  



About Anna Marine

Hello friends!
My name is Anna Marine!

I'm a full time professional artist. I insanely love what I do and I'm happy to share my biggest passion with you, guys! I live and breath art. Since I was 3 years old I always knew what I want to do.There were many struggles, many obstacles on my way, but here I am. And this is truly my dream job.

Here, I want to share with you my professional and personal projects. I'll share my experience of working with big companies as Spiral Direct and Sullen and my tips of how to start professional career in art world.

You will be participating in creating my books, see new designs for clothes, choosing characters for new projects, have an exclusive artworks, read my thoughts and tips about art world, visiting exhibitions and conventions. And you will see it all first!
So come with me to this wonderful adventure!

What's this page for?
- to share my work with a wider audience
- to collaborate with more artists to make things happen together in  art world
- to devote my time to expressing the world as I see it
- to encourage artists to develop their own skills and artistic practice

I also want to really thank every single one of you who supports me. I can't even begin to tell you how much that means to me!

What sort of Content?
Materials I use

Both traditional and digital art. Secrets of good art photos and clean lines.

Tutorials ans Step by step

And FREE line art EVERY month!

Plus exclusive physical prints only for my Patrons!

Appreciation Rewards will be sent out on the first week of each month to the patrons!
Some of my  Work May be adult theme  oriented which may be NSFW 18+!!

Questions? Contact me anna-marine at
You can find more at my Instagram

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I will put together Patreon and any personal work into a high quality artbook.
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