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About Anna McCluskey

You can call me Anna. Anna McCluskey. That’s sort of, but not entirely my name.  I like having a pen name - it makes me feel mysterious and also helps with my innate fear of people finding out that I'm weird.  If I use my real name, I find it difficult to be my true self.  It's okay if you find out what it is, though; it's not like a secret identity or anything.  I'm not a superhero.  I'm just a super weirdo.  

I'm a writer.  I have a blog - it has some followers. I'm hoping to get more followers and I'm hoping some of those followers will become Patrons. My blog is called The Anna Files and you can find it at, assuming you didn't just come from there. It contains all of my silly wanderings and wonderings, my stories about the world that is and the world that could be.

And I have my Patreon page, which is where you are now. Patreon is revolutionary because there's no intermediary telling you what you want and telling me what to create, and because I don't have to wait for anyone to approve something before you can read it. I write it - I edit it - I decide it's ready to be read - I post it - you read it. Along the way, it's really easy for me to interface directly with fans as well. I'm creating a two-sided community here, in which my fans are a part of my art.

I am committed to posting at least twice a month to Patreon. I post one short story and one poem each month, two weeks apart, and I also make and post an audio recording of each. I post everything from my blog over here as well, so if you sign up, Patreon will email you the posts in their entirety, and you won't have to pay attention to catch the posts, nor will you have to visit my site. It'll all be right here.

And, finally, I am working on two books right now (and have outlines for two more!). As I get closer to publishing my first book, there will be behind-the-scenes peaks, sneak previews, and even opportunities for you to weigh in on some of the content. Patrons are a part of my art, in the most intimate sense.

Because I want to be a Real Writer. Right now, I'm sort of an amateur writer who sometimes gets paid for it. And I know that there will be no point at which I look around and say, "Oh, hey. I'm a Real fucking Writer now." But the process of becoming a Real Writer has to start with putting my writing out there, and it has to also involve writing for a living.

I do make some money doing "freelance writing," but that's not what I mean. Freelance writing has led me down the dark path of writing bio blurbs for people's Etsy pages and web content for people's tech companies and cover letters for people's job searches. That's not what I want to write, and if I want to be able to continue writing creative, beautiful, hilarious and heartbreaking prose, poetry, and creative nonfiction, I need to be able to make some money doing it. Because if I can't make the money doing that, then I will have to keep wasting all my time making the money in other ways.

Right now, I work three jobs. On my weekday mornings, I work as a bookkeeper for a bowling alley and sports bar. That's sort of interesting, but it involves a fair amount of math and no creative thought. I work most weekends for a mobile pizza company, and they're pretty cool and I get delicious pizza out of it, but again, no creative thought. And thirdly, here and there, when I can, I write.

Income-wise, I make very little doing the writing, a pittance selling pizza, and hardly anything as a bookkeeper. What I would like to do instead is make a comfortable living as a writer, spend some of that money eating pizza, and never do any math again. That's where I hope that Patreon will come in. In exchange for a small amount of money, I will love you forever, and, more pertinently, write you the best stories, poems, and books that I possibly can.

Patrons will have exclusive access to all of my best work, a peek into my writing process in the form of first drafts, bare-bones ideas before they become stories or poems, character sketches, and other such things, in addition to easier access to all the free stuff I post on my website. 

So, if you think that's worth $1 or more, click that button!  Even if you don't, thank you for reading this whole thing - you're amazing, and I love you anyway.  But if you don't patronize, you don't get an exclamation point.
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When I reach 15 patrons, I will buy recording equipment, so that my audio versions don't sound like they've been recorded on my cheap laptop, which I can neither confirm nor deny is what is currently happening.
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