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Did you just join my team of patrons?! Yes, yes you did. THANK YOU! Your pledge gives you access to my patron-only feed which contains behind-the-scenes videos, updates about my writing, and each chapter of my book "Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder."

You will be charged your pledge amount for each installement (chapter) of my short cozy mystery eBook "Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder,"  which includes video links. The videos are author chats about each chapter's clues and are meant to be watched AFTER you read the chapter. Find each chapter in my patron-only feed, along with it's Kindle mobi and pdf downloads. Start with the Chapter 1 post and get into the mystery! You can start reading now!

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About Ann Audree

The Indy Author Life
It's lonely being a writer. (Single tear.) Even worse--becoming my own publisher, promoter and marketing guru. (Hanky, please.) Okay, so I like those jobs. I'm kinda good at them. I might be a control freak, but it's the job nowadays. Being an Indy author means it's all on me. I miss the feedback that came with traditional publishing.

Amazon - Pros & Cons
While Amazon gives authors an amazing platform, it creates a barrier between author and audience. I long for a better way to find cozy mystery readers and connect with them for honest feedback--something far beyond an Amazon review.

Calling All Cozy Mystery Peeps
I want reader feedback to improve as a writer, so every new book I write is better than the last. My arms are open wide to all Cozy Mystery Peeps!
$5 of $100 per an ebook chapter w/video link
Reaching $100 would be AMAZING! I always have several writing projects going at the same time, so it would mean so much to know my readers wanted more Fit Girls! If I reach my goal, I'll drop everything to work on the second Fit Girls book! And I'll do a happy dance!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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