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About Ann's Tiny Life


Join me in my journey of personal growth, and quest for knowledge and peace.

I hope to inspire you and make you laugh - maybe even help you to learn something new right along with me!

I've been living and working out of my Ford E350 XLT van, which I converted myself, since April 1st 2019. My traveling companion is a red brindle pitbull named Betty. She's my best buddy in the whole world.

I write and make videos about all kinds of different things, but mostly van life, cooking, fermenting, wine and mead making, gaming (I’m a bad gamer but I have tons of fun), gardening, minimalism/tiny house living, and DIY stuff. I tend to try to steer clear of politics these days, but you may see me slip something along those lines in every now and then.

Still trying to figure out why I'm so weird.

And my life just keeps getting tinier.

Contributing to my Patreon will help me obtain the kind of equipment I need to make really great videos that won't annoy you, make it possible for me to work less at a day job and more on content creation, and hopefully make the world a better place by being the amazing awesome person that I'm pretty sure that I am - but not quite completely sold on as of yet.

I make videos on YouTube:

You can find me on Twitter:


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