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About Stochastic

Hello everyone! You may know me by my internet alias, Stochastic, but did you know I'm actually a bird?

With that out of the way - welcome to the place from which light cannot escape - a place where you can support me and my indie game making endeavors! Right now, I'm working on Anode Heart, a Digimon inspired RPG where you collect and raise monsters, friends and waifus, as you piece together the story and the lore.

By supporting this project you're directly investing in it and its final quality. I'm not very good at making music so I'll need to hire a composer. Similarly, I have no idea how to do animations and professional looking art. To put it down in an equation: more $$ you throw at me = more $$ I throw at talented people = more goodness

Secondly - I'm hyped about the game at the moment, but I have experienced loss of motivation and drive with earlier projects - I'm hoping this Patreon will serve in part as motivation.

Finally, thank you for all the fish, for playing my games and reading my stories - your interest and support pushes me forward. With love, yours truly, Bird-senpai.




Q: Is this a fangame?
A: No, this is a new, original project with its own mechanics and monsters.

Q: Release when?
A: No sooner than 2022. Highly depends on the scope and if I manage to hire people to help me.

Q: Download demo where?

Q: How long is the game going to be?
A: Demo is about 1-2 hours long. For the full game, I'll be aiming for the 20ish hours range.

Q: Will I get the full game if I subscribe?
A: Yes, if you are (or were) in a $6 (or above) tier.

Q: I want an ingame character. Do I have to give $18 each month?
A: No, you can subscribe to the $18 tier once and then switch to a lower tier, or unsubscribe completely, and you'll still get a character.

Q: Can I get rewards from higher tiers by staying subscribed in a lower tier for a long time?
A: Yes. For example, you can get rewards from the $6 tier by staying subscribed in the $1 tier for 6 months. What matters is the total amount you gave from the beginning of time. (Some limited rewards may still be off-limits, even with this rule. For more information, feel free to contact me.)


(most of the) Music | @davidvitas |

$113.40 of $200 per month
With this much, I'll occasionally hire an artist to generate some art for the game, whether it's animations, promotional art or revamps.

Yay! ( °ω° )
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