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About Anonynn

≈1st and 15th

Synopsis: The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living organism in it's path. As the last of the free races band together to hold this entity from invading northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety...

AMS v0.35B BETA $5+ Backers

Current Donator Version
AMS v0.35A
Word Count: 1,782,625
LinesOfCode: 112,376
Characters: 12,475,987

Current Public Version

AMS v0.34D
Word Count: 1,871,039
LinesOfCode: 112,907
Characters: 13,026,146

Apocamorphosis (aka AMS) is a massive text adventure designed with Quest. It focuses heavily on RPG elements, character customization, transformation/modification, relationships, diverse characters, high-stakes adventure and travel, life or death combat and optional adult entertainment. I try to achieve all this through immersive, detailed writing/description and survival elements. The content can also be customized to fit the player's style as well. It's also written with a completely black background and easy to read font size/color so that you can play for extended periods of time.

The game also has a specialized but malleable Mood feature which changes the entire presentation of the game from top to bottom. There are four Moods; Sexy, Sympathy, Sarcasm, Serious which change depending on choices that the player's make, ways the player responds to situations and clothing the player wears.

Current Systems in the Game:
- New and Improved Character Creator (finished)
- Pregnancy (finished)
- Lactation (finished)
- Crafting/Harvesting Supplies (finished)
- Alcohol (finished)
- Resting/Make Camp/Hunting/Trapping (finished)
- Weather (finished)
- Calendar (finished)
- Status Changes (finished)
- Masturbation Scenes/Menu (finished)
- Looting/Searching (finished)
- Lust (finished)
- Relationship (finished)
- Questing (finished)
- Corruption (finished)
- Character Titles (finished)
- Skill Tree (ongoing 1/3)
- Enticing Enemies (ongoing)
- Travel (ongoing)
- Secondary Pregnancy (ongoing)

Who Am I? Are you sure you want to know? The story of my life isn't for the faint of heart...Oh wait, that's Spider-Man. I'm just anonymous person for the time being. Once the game becomes a full-time career, I will reveal my alter-ego ^_~ For the time being, I'm Anonynn! I'm also married, have a four old and I have an incredible passion for writing and coding. I've always wanted to be an awesome game-designer and now I'm finally living out that dream! Woo!

[email protected]

Public Discord:




Stream Times; Pacific Time Zone: Post-Poned, 
Stream Channel


Julioalqae Deviant Art
Awesome Character Art! by Julioalqae.

Amazingly detailed BG, Topography and Character Art! by Alexis Rillera.

Breathtaking Background Art! By: Lim Chin Yang.


Awe-Inspiring Music! by Henrique Cardoso.

In Order From Left To Right: Hannah and Rold Picksnap, Aaleahya
Character Art by Julioalqae.

The Game's Hand Drawn Map
by Me

Chapter 1: The Withered Snag
by Alexis Rillera

The In-Game Help Guide 

The In-Game Stat Screen

Apocamorphosis Title Screen (Night Version)
by: Lim Chin Yang.

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$464 of $3,500 per month
So, for the time being I've removed all the game's goals simply because I add things to it or fix older things in whenever I see that they need updating or improvement. Money shouldn't be an incentive to improve one's work and it isn't what drives me to work on the game. With that said though, if we happen to reach this goal, I will end up making this my full-time career which is what I've always wanted. Thank you for the donations!
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