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The title sums things up pretty well but just to reiterate, what you are doing is awesome and I love you for it.
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About Another Show

Another Show is making things for the internet.

Videos, podcasts, live streams, written content and more.

Right now the show is small and there are only so many hours in the day that I can dedicate to producing new content.


With your pledges, I plan on purchasing new equipment to increase the quality of the video and audio in future uploads.

  • Camera 
  • Microphone 
  • Computer 
  • Software (Adobe Premiere, Photoshop etc.)

Depending on the targets we hit, I'll also be in a better position to reduce my working hours and focus more time on refining and expanding the types of content being released. I've always wanted to travel the United Kingdom and go abroad so a travel series might be a possibility. I could do a driving tour of Britain (I'd have to learn to drive first) and then go further out towards Europe and America.

When I first heard about Patreon, it was around the same time that Hank Green's Subbable was gathering steam. At the time, I assumed that these kinds of platforms were for people with established audiences who wanted to reduce their dependency on the advertiser driven model of Google or Facebook. I didn't think it could work for someone just starting out, but it turns out I was totally wrong and there are literally thousands of people out there willing to lend their support to the little show just trying to get by.

So here we are, at the bottom of this about page and you're probably thinking 'That's all well and good but where's the content?'.

The truth is, I'm in a transitional phase right now. Between jobs. Between homes. Things are very between right now. But in about a month or so when things have settled, check back in to see the debut of Another Show.

Thanks for your support on the internet.
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Realistically, this is what I'd need to cover rent and pay bills. If we hit this goal, I'd be able to afford better equipment (camera, microphone, computer, software) and generally upgrade the quality of Another Show.
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