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is creating punk listings for London
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Any amount will go straight towards the running costs of AS. You'll also be added to a mailing list with a PDF of each upcoming issue.

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$3, or about £2.50, a month or up will get you a copy of AS through the post as soon as they're rolled through the riso. 




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About Another Subculture

ANOTHER SUBCULTURE is a monthly, one-page A3 listings fanzine which on one side lists (nearly) every DIY punk gig in London, and on the other (hopefully) covers reports and photos and opinions from punk people across the city. Every month it is distributed across record shops and other places and uploaded as a PDF on

After too many events being restricted to Facebook friend networks and the same few places we want to make punk in London a little more visible, or at least a little more biodegradable.

WHY THIS PAGE THEN? Another Subculture is a free one-sheet and that will be the case FOREVER; I just thought that it'd be good to make the zine sustainable now it's a running concern. Each issue costs about £85 to produce 300 risographed copies and keep the website online, with all contributions coming from volunteers. With the money from subscribers, I can work towards building a rainy day fund, printing more copies and share any and all profits among the zine's contributors.

It's also a good way to subscribe if you want AS to come through the post - $3.60 ($3 tier including VAT) works out as £2.97 - of that a pound pays for the stamp and a pound goes into the zine fund. I will inevitably make badges and stickers and other nonsense too so expect those in good time. Remember that the PDF is free and online and bootlegging through your work printer is strongly recommended.

If you want to support the zine in a non-repeating fashion, you're in luck: you can take out a classified ad for £1.50 or a front-page image ad for anything between £10-30 an issue. More information here.

WHO ARE YOU, THEN? Hello, I'm Ben Perkins. Alongside Another Subculture I am one quarter of unhappy hardcore group Scrap Brain, one third of the London Maximum Rocknroll radio crew, one half of DIY radio concern Repetitive Strain and one, uh, Ben. Another Subculture previously existed as a cassette magazine series from 2013-15, raising money for DIY Space for London.