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For $1 a month, you have access to downloadable, unwatermarked versions of each art I create, which you may print out and/or color to your heart's content. Feel free to share your creations!
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Includes $1 tier rewards! For $4 a month, you will have access to my porn collection. 

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Includes $1 and $4 tier rewards! For $5 a month, you will receive one print (SFW) per month mailed to the address of your choice.




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About AnotherWellKeptSecret

What I do: Art. So much art. I'm attempting to hash out an original Holmes/Watson comic book full of adventure and mystery and romance. Pages will be posted here first (one page ahead!) alongside my everyday sketches and fanart of whatever strikes my fancy, which will be posted on Tumblr and Twitter immediately. The porn, however, is just for you! No one else gets to see it unless I compile it and sell it for charity.

How pledges help me do it: Pledges help me keep my drafting pencils full of lead and my bookshelf full of paper. Not to mention assist me in traveling to cons to sell prints and buttons and stickers and comic books.

Tier 1895: With access to my art, you will have the option to download full-size versions of each piece. You can do whatever you want with them. Color them, set them as your background on your phone or laptop, use them on your blog, get them printed on whatever you like. It's totally up to you!

Tier Bit Not Good: You get everything 1895 gets, plus porn. All the porn. Who doesn't like porn?

Tier Potato: You get everything 1895 and Bit Not Good gets, plus the added bonus of receiving a postcard in the mail once a month. The print is randomly chosen, but always something different. (Never NSFW!) If you have any restrictions please let me know and I will make note.

Tier Tarmac: You get everything 1895, Bit Not Good, and Potato gets, plus the opportunity to livestream with me on Fridays and issue porn requests in real time! If you're unable to make the stream, please feel free to message me with your porn prompts prior to the stream.

Tier Handcuffs: You get everything 1895, Bit Not Good, Potato, and Tarmac gets, plus a pencil art in the mail once a month! The art will be randomly selected (unless otherwise requested) among my lineart, comics (x2 pages), and porn. NSFW drawings will be excluded upon request. 

Monday: Whatever Remains (1 pg), That Certain Night (1 pg)
Tuesday: Whatever Remains (1 pg), That Certain Night (1 pg)
Wednesday: Whatever Remains (1 pg), That Certain Night (1 pg)
Thursday: Whatever Remains (1 pg), That Certain Nigh (1 pg)
Friday: NSFW Livestream (11:00AM CST & 5:00PM CST, alternating)
Saturday: Day Off
Sunday: Porn
$1,000 – reached! per month
When I reach $1,000 per month...I don't know yet? I can't think of a good reward. I'm open to suggestions. <3
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