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- WIP's, exclusive sketches and peeking in creative process.
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- Little art bonuses like free patterns and vectors.
- Bundle of step-by-step files of digital artworks posted during month.

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- Full resolution .JPGs of art posted during month.
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About AnryMary

Hello and welcome to our Patreon!
Here you can find works and projects of two artists and co-creators - Ayrin and Yoro.

Ayrin - is our main idea's generator, she is responsible for most of our stories, unreal twists and new projects. She's that perpetual motion machine, that keeps us active, creative and always busy.
Ayrin prefers to draw pretty ladies in more pictorial style, she likes to imitate traditional materials in digital programs and she's also the one who can go a little bit erotic in her art.
Me, Yoro, - the one, who is responsible for our social nets, adds depth and details to our projects and sometimes works as "brute force", when monotone work must be done fast. And it seems, it's me, who will be writing here the most. =)
I love to draw all kinds of humanoids and monsters. Mostly my works are cell-shaded with billions of additional effects, but sometimes i like to experiment with my style.

What do we usually draw?
- We are big fans of Don't Starve and games from Blizzard, so you can see fanarts for this games pretty often.
- We also love games like Dishonored, Bioshok, Deus Ex, OFF and some others, and this sometimes results in artworks related to them.
- Random cute stuff and animals. Because it's never enough cute stuff and animals in this world. =)
- OCes, of course! We have about a hundred of our own OCes and several stories under process about them.

Thank you all for your time spending with us and reading this! We hope, you'll enjoy our art and our stories and stick with us for a little bit longer.

We greatly appreciate all off your support and help, doesn't matter if it is donations, or likes and warm words! Thank you all very much for being interested in our work!
And special thanks to our dear friend Sensarter, who helped us a lot in creating Amberstone!
$0 of $40 per month
Speedpaints not less than once a week for all of our patrons. =)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts

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