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About Antares Open World (AOW)

Who/What is Antares Open World?

Antares Open World (AOW) is a hybrid Open World MMO RPG agent simulation based on a fanal 4X strategy and survival player driven sandbox concept. It is a procedural Generation Research of artificial Intelligence on the Perception of human Player Behavior in massive Field multidomain online Simulation Game.

# Entry

For thousands of years, civilizations have looked into the infinite vastness of the universe, directing their eyes and landmarks to our stars. Since the beginning of time calculation and generations, they have been waiting for the arrival and return of their long-awaiting and long overdue gods. According to their prophecy, they kept astronomical calendars in the hope of being able to better and more accurately determine the time of their arrival. They aligned their lives with the stars. They were probably convinced of the mercy of their gods by the tradition of their ancestors.

On this one special day in October, their prophecy seemed close enough to touch as their eyes, full of expectation on the horizon, discovered the long-awaited and dazzling glory with grace on the horizon. With her eyes turned towards glory, Laos, after an endless journey with her three sister ships on the day of the solstice in the year 53.10.3, reaches SURA, the small idyllic island "Xabia Mo".

"...and I saw a people full of expectations, a Redeemer in me. I can command my arts as a prophet, into the souls of the unbelieving, to true deeds. Once the antarian gods descended from heaven and showed me my enlightenment, as I was one, so I see my people discovered here for true destiny. I heard of infinite treasure, of gold, of the worship of spiritual powers. I gave them weapons, tobacco and wine. Soon I saw myself as ruler, prophet, no, I had probably become God in the eyes of my followers. ...« Quote from the ship diary of the discoverer and admiral "Norus Larun".

Blinded by a dazzling glory and the sun, the natives of Xabia Mo awaited the arrival of their gods, venerated for ages. By their firm belief and their lack of association with existing knowledge, they were convinced that their prayers had been answered. What followed,... can be read in Antarien's long dusty history books.

# Thematic

"Combine a gigantic and complex MMO Open World Sandbox scenario based on connectionist approaches of a sub-symbolic nature with simulation, construction strategy, survival, horror and an innovative collision-dependent 3D real-time combat system (Ego & Third Person). Follow the 4X aphorism E(x)plore, E(x)pand, E(x)ploit, and E(x)terminate in chronobiological and cycle controlled real-time. Implement the classic Old School role-playing elements, as well as a world to be created and changed by the players using disassembled resources. Unite the Tamagotchi principle in a high degree of automation with a huge, never sleeping world and you get Antares Open World (AOW), or in short, the secret world Antarien".

Antares Open World is inspired by the basic idea of implicating knowledge from its highly dynamic systems out of itself, the representation of knowledge depicted in this way, without setting up induced and thus explicit rules. The player is left with powerful influential variables in his own creative world, in order to generate a creative sandbox with great freedom of action and lasting consequence from its subsymbolic. Develop your character and create antariums out of the belief that you are doing good. Create your empire, profile yourself, create your unique values and defend them until the bitter end. Stand for your ideals, take responsibility, show true strength.

Trade wisely, because nothing seems the way it is. Realities and perceptions will become blurred. Observe your new world, watch it closely! Get to the bottom of the mysteries. Question postulated facts, check your thoughts. Trust no one. Antares Open World will take you into an ancient world of days long gone. Much more, draw your own lessons, decipher the messages. They will reveal themselves to the seeker. Become part of a gigantic epic and rewrite the Antarian world history. Follow in the footsteps of the "Fermi Paradoxon", find causal connections, reset the structure of an entire world order. Find your equal, face the secret "shadow powers" and learn to infiltrate and use them for your own purposes.

Begin the most exciting treasure hunt of the present and discover the fate of the entire antarian species. We don't have much time left. Be prepared when your postulated theses come true. The message is clear. Everything has its meaning, there are no coincidences. Prevent the genocide of the "Antarius Sapiens", with catastrophic effects on the whole universe.

"With the birth of the God Ras according to RAL, the star Antares became blood red. Disease, corruption and pestilence visited the home and world of Antaria." - SURA handed down 17.2.30 Are you ready to see antiquity with completely new eyes?

# Objective

The goal should be to create a modern MMORPG concept with long-term motivation in which the player can do anything imaginable. I should not be pressed into a line, into a compulsion to act. Where I can freely strategically plan and experience my own path to the goal. An interaction with objects or characters really changes in the physical effects have.

Of course i don't want to reinvent the wheel... BUT i want it to roll for a long time... In my opinion, this requires not only extremely elaborate graphics and an exorbitant sound backdrop, but also a completely new game culture and interaction, a feeling as a gamer NEVER to learn, to be able to discover something new again and again, and to be able to immerse yourself in this world absolutely.

To bring such an ambitious project in the right direction, I need every conceivable help from you. Only together can we usher in a new age of the game genre! My call is for all enthusiasts, hobby programmers, visionaries and those who have always been told that this is utopia, you will never make it! Make your dreams come true and become part of a community with one of the greatest challenges of the next decade.

So if it is in your genes to accomplish ideologically great things, if you are ready to grow with us from the ground up, step by step to the goal, if you can bring a lot of time, knowledge or the willingness of appropriation, then I would be happy if you would get in touch with me.

# Higher game goal

Antares Open World is inspired by the basic idea to leave a world created by the player, a creative sandbox with far-reaching freedom of action and lasting consequence of its (butterfly effect). Develop your character and create antariens out of the belief that you are doing good. Create your empire, profile yourself, create your unique values and defend them with your blood.

I've thought long and hard about how I could define a primary goal in Antares Open World. Generalized I would like to dare to formulate, "...get old and die a natural death with your characters, because only in this way a reincarnation and thus a transfer of your consciousness in the game will become possible. Try to see antiquity with completely new eyes and decipher the messages of past times. Reveal the secret machinations of elite shadow powers and don't suddenly notice yourself becoming part of the system. Also, be careful to bind and preserve possessions and creative values for the long term. Expand with sustainability through your game idea and use metagaming to create new virtual worlds".

# What AOW won't be

Antares Open World would like to deal with established dogmas with its concept and show that a global rethinking of all of us becomes necessary. I am not only referring here to the possibilities of implementing the game in terms of technology, but in particular also to the ideas existing in us, which are subject to constant change and the attempt at global manipulation as a result of the events of the world and which should withstand.

AOW as a kind of short-term leisure activity? Perhaps the establishment of a new hobby,...? The journey into a new phase of life, as a partner? I don't know. Antares Open World is the way, and with it THE goal, to sharpen your consciousness, to go more critical through your world in the future. Not everything to believe what you see. To train ways of thinking, which at first sight lacks any causality and was usually so wanted by an elite.

"The truths lie as always in the eye of the beholder." Moreover, we should never forget that truths always serve a purpose. Forged truths usually propagate enough causality and rob the second and/or third truth of the essential basis of thought.

Let's make the leap to found new ways also in Antares Open World, in which we separate ourselves from many "inherited burdens" of the gaming industry. We transfer the appeal truthfully into the concept.

  • no grinding mechanisms
  • no global auction houses
  • no bars of life
  • no levels
  • no classes
  • no names above the characters in the form of badges
  • no name changes
  • no classic chats or interfaces
  • no quest markers
  • no teleportation

# Classification & Genre

How can we categorize and classify our epic? If you don't want to follow in the footsteps of others? So you should try to avoid pigeonholing as much as possible. If we want to establish a new genre of the games industry, we should name the intersections that are affected by different weightings.

To be mentioned here are the intersections based on a hybrid MMO´s with components from

  • Horror
  • Strategy (4X)
  • Survival
  • Simulation
  • RPG

# MMO & Sandbox

Do whatever you want principle, or even playing in the sandbox ?

On the one hand it is about the free development of the players and their complex simulated interactions to generate here about a basic open world with its facets, liberties and adventures to be explored. On the other hand, to pay due respect to the individuality of man, not to push him into prefabricated pigeonholes. Each player wants to be free in his decisions and actions, to face a challenge in Antares Open World in the way he sees it as his best way and with which he would like to identify himself.

All tasks in the game have a direct meaning and a lasting influence on the game world. I remember the "Butterfly" effect once again. With the power given to each individual to change whole universes (realities). Periodizing and prioritizing tasks should help the player to create strategically versed and economic processes sustainably.

Performance, thematisation and experience should become directly valueable through contingents between the players after standardisation of the influencing factors. The pride to have won, with my way of implementation, should be motivating for the whole community, here through the complex metagaming, my influence on politics, religion not only within the peer groups to unfold.

# Hybrid Open World

Why a hybrid Open World? What do I mean by that?

Open World sparks the obligatory freedom to go inwards across territories. The technology alone, which has not yet been researched, will be able to prevent me from not being able to go certain ways or only to a limited extent at the expense of disadvantages. With this concept, based on perception, to overcome corresponding topological hurdles, a further point in the direction of AOW core competence is to be pointed out.

Imagine you could take a path field and model it in the truest sense of the word, through the repeated passage to a street. Others will also use it later if it was based on economic sustainability (layer principle). A mountain hinders my way? Find ways to deny it... Start a construction project and build a tunnel. Recognize the necessity of this strategic building. To climb a mountain pass without a rope or dedicated equipment, possibly to fall in view of the dangers of cold or being exposed to my first rudimentary talents. Find your niche, take a toll and strategically establish your village in no man's land. Only the perception of your reality reveals this possibility to you. Draw attention to yourself. Increase your possibilities, but also your rivalries.

Under this premise, there is only one Sandbox Open World mixture. The whole concept is based on the absence of such in other games before constructed stories. Players will know how to write their own stories based on the technologies, hand tools and puzzle pieces provided along the way.

# The idea

In a distant world to be built in a medieval ancient fantasy MMORPG mix of survival, real-time, horror, and strategy (MH3SR). Performed on a massive hybrid Open World venue called Antarien in Third Person with ego-perspective option.

The uniqueness of our idea lies in the way we play with complexity through controlled group dynamics. We will try to follow the principle of the "Tamagotchi" in a certain way. The character will never log out of the world of antaria. The world, the character, the social relationships, the resources, will therefore also change in the absence of the player group-dynamically and highly scalable.

The smartphone provides the player with an interface to his virtual world. Extensive functions with alarms, events, appointments etc. are shown here. Considering the fact that we only serve one server world via international time zones, the world will never sleep.

In the absence of the player (AFK/Offline), the character will follow the learned knowledge and patterns. Technologically, neuronal networks, genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies, etc. are available to the character for learning. To our knowledge, the integration of these connectionistic approaches of a sub-symbolic nature in our MMO is unique in its combination.
Futuristic elements of an extinct species with its obelisks and artifacts, myths, occult rites and sects, must not be missing. Whole religions built on you. They should be superior in strong contrast to the predominant development of the time and in ethical concerns, as well as in technical concerns, as well as in the conception of high culture knowledge. The basic idea, contrary to the doctrine, not to establish technological progress as civilization progresses, but to reveal high technology in the process of creation with increasing backdating, is another core competence of the concept.

The central version of a group of players is intended to establish social patterns of behaviour. As a core element we would like to simulate the "competent ownership" of "housing". Here the community should be able to create small dwellings, building sites, farm buildings, entire settlements and villages. Special attention should be paid to the way in which our philosophy is viewed, how plots of land and building sites are to be achieved.

Also the richness of detail and the phases of the construction of a building should take place on a highly complex level. At the same time, however, it should also be possible for the casual gamer to set appropriate building filters for beginners by reducing the degree of complexity, according to the triangular principle of speed, cheap production and the requirement of quality.
It will be systematically guided by an intuitive tutorial. With the experience of the player and depending on the time contingents achieved, the complexity is automatically and progressively increased by the degree of perception and automation.

Whereby I would like to make it quite clear here that it will not be a casual game. Our ambitious goal is to become one of the most complex, if not the most complex MMO of tomorrow (philosophy).

At the center of the action is the player's caracal self-discovery with his characters, his confrontation with body, mind and soul, which is in conflict with a gruesome and secret malignant culture living in the forests of Antaria.

Through the establishment of opposing worldviews and ideas, socially complex structures, players are playfully referred to the grievances of Antariums, despite their superficial perfection, beauty and grace, to the failures of certain established systems, by their actions and actions through a perceptible "consequenceism" with all its consequences. The shadow powers of Antariums are represented in all influential areas, such as politics, economics, social affairs, education and research, with their decision-making powers, apparently always and everywhere, omniscient and globally, via the deeply interlocked regulatory cycles.

Antaria is filled to the brim with conspiracy theories, boundary sciences, hard facts, ideologies, pragmatics, as well as fiction in a world seemingly swayed by myths and legends.

I think the best way to explain my project is to show you questions from an interview with SpatialOS for you.

Give us the elevator pitch project/game (sum up your game in a sort paragraph)

- Nodes based processual survival playerdriven construction sandbox
- Artificial intelligence controlled environment (aNN/xBDI-Agents/GA/ES)
- closed entropy based reciprocating system (Everything is mortal)
- hybrid round-based 4X real-time strategy in Third/First Person
- Simulation of perception of the 6 human senses
- Complex life simulation of all system participants (e.g. predator/prey)
- Behavioral control via connectionistic approaches of a sub-symbolic nature
- Dedicated game approaches that can be played on 6 synchronizing game stages
- Real-time skill/ knowledge system based on observation and interaction
- only the money/time of my life restricts the Strechgoals [...]

How did your team/studio start?

I'm planning a Kickstarter Kampange in the next few years. I hope that my passion and vocation for AOW will lead me to found a sustainable organisation. Today this is an open community project. Everyone who wants to join in is very welcome.

What did you do before this project?

I studied Geodetic Science, am 43, live in Hamburg (Germany) and work full-time as Senior Data Engineer on a DWH in-house development (Datavault 2.0) in a medium-sized company. I also train IT specialists for application development. After my family commitments for more than 5 years, I try to be there daily for the project, my life's work. I support myself in programming the business (game) logic, in the programming language C# in Entitas, as well as in the spatialOS backend. In addition, there are large professional intersections on storage of persistent data in the AI cloud environment (Azure/GoogleClound/AWS). My main job is writing in C++ and C# and developing the Qt Framework, a data-driven DWH pricing application.

How did the idea for your game come about?

After more than 20 years of experience as roleplayer, observer of the blockbusters, pro-gamer and A++ ratings of the greats, it is time to help the aging game principle and genre into the modern world.

Game depth, complexity and interaction on a high level with the goal to achieve a maximum immersion, are deficiency symptoms. The game physics, the framework conditions, are mostly based on simplicity in favor of casuals and on a cost-effective and fast implementation.
Let me give you a simple example. Let's take a typical collective profession of a local Blockbuster´s. An extremely complex world, graphically gigantically converted and I chop wood on a piece of tree stump, which lies on the ground.

Alternatively, I find ore chunks, in different colors in the area -just like that - on the ground. Now maybe there is a hotspot map of the community on the net and a collecting profession is born. So now I can continue indefinitely. It doesn't matter whether I take the "crafting system", "traveling", "trading", "the physics of character attributes", "the talent system" or "questing". Everything usually remains at a high level of abstraction of implementation. My priorities are simply different.

What good is a pompous skill system if all skills look the same, but in different colors? I want to be proud to have achieved a new achievement. To be unique in the world, to have something that other players don't have. I also want to be able to show it opulently. I want to be able to buy land, build a house, get married, age, dig caves, build stone walls, grow plants in my own garden, see how tides, the weather, or natural disasters affect me.

I want to dive, swim, ride, sneak, camp, eat and drink, tame animals and creatures, and fight for myself. I want to attend occult rituals, give offerings or found rites or whole religions myself. I want to be able to name objects, items, houses, whole villages, or become the founding father of this community, as well as influence politics.

I want dedicated character, a sophisticated real-time combat system. I want to be able to create meaningful object combinations that create synergy effects and make me more powerful in the game. I don't want any guidelines, no item builds. I want the agony of choice, I don't want levels. I want to physically feel and playfully change the influence of ebb & flow, moon cycles, star and planet constellations, seasons, thunderstorms, wind, storm, rain, snow, drought on the characters and in the world.

I want to be able to do interactions in fresh, brackish and salt water, something with different types of rock and soil can begin. Be able to observe and influence changes in vegetation and wildlife.

I want to be able to learn a variety of professions tailored to my character. Everything should interact in a highly dynamic world. I want a real-time time management in which my game continues when I can't be online. I want to be administratively active, be able to give bounties, distribute loot fairly. Have children, adopt, keep pets.

Yes, also want to be infested by diseases if I was careless or too risky. I want real questing without quest markers. No scenarios, how to run there, slaughter 10 mobs, and bring me... Principle. I want a huge genetics pool of infinite character traits, traits, and compositions. But above all, I want my achievements to increase in value and not to lose value or become worthless with the next patch. I want to be able to collect everything, but also be able to use it sensibly.

And I want to do all this with the willingness to compromise, to be able to learn... This is Antares Open World!

What's unique about your game?

We also see Antares Open World as a sandbox in the sense of "playing that game with complexity". We love complexity and metagaming. One of Antares' basic philosophies is to promote the pure player who loves "simplicity" in favour of the complexity-loving player. There are enough games on the market that have lost complexity over time due to their generalization, and have become uninteresting for the creators & founders of Antares Open World.

Tell us an interesting fact about your team or your project/game

I'm an independent game developer who's always looking for like-minded people. The helpers want to implement my ideologically inclined and also very ambitious game idea. I want to involve the community very much in the development process. I am building a core team.

What's next for your game/project (any planned release dates/testing dates)?

Currently I am working on the Procedural Terrain Module. My next task will be the implementation of the Transvoxel algorithm to merge the automatically generated elevation maps with the voxel technology at POI´s of the players on the basis of interaction (terrain hybridization). Also, first gameplay processes, such as the leveling and digging of terrain by the player will be enabled. For example to build a cellar for a house, or to dig a tunnel between mountain massifs.

What's your dream project?

How could one have thought it? Antares Open World (AOW), of course.

Why did you choose to develop on SpatialOS?

spatialOS enables me to make my MMO visions of highly scalable and persistent worlds come true. Thanks to spatialOS, I can also consolidate my fear of community hype as an independent game developer. SpatialOS enables me to integrate the formed AOW community into the development processes at any time of my future development. I will be provided with the same A+++ tools that are normally reserved for large studios. spatialOS is the momentum of my disruptive market strategy.

Did you start building on SpatialOS or did you port?

Since I am still very early in the implementation phase, I can basically develop from scratch with spatialOS.

Did you use an SDK or GDK, or did you integrate your own engine?

I develop with Ureal Engine 4 I use the GDK from spatialOS.

What couldn't you have done without SpatialOS?

I would need 1-2 years of time and expertise for the implementation of the MMO component alone, who would only have to take care of the netcode and its persistence. Being a Senior Data Engineer myself, I am aware of the effort behind spatialOS. For my project I roughly estimate at least 5 full-time developers who can dedicate themselves to the business logic of the game instead. In short, I can bring my game much closer to my visions in a fraction of the time otherwise needed.

What are your favourite SpatialOS features?

One set, the Entity Component System (ECS) architecture! I use in Unity the ECS workflow, in my business logic the Entitas (ECS) framework is the link, and now I can also use in the backend ECS, thanks to spatialOS. The ECS architecture offers so many advantages, and is absolutely predestined for game development.

What has been the biggest improvement in SpatialOS for you?

Use it legally with Unreal Engine 4 and switch to your own game engine at any time.

What other games/projects would you be interested in building on SpatialOS?

None, Antares Open World (AOW) is my life's work. However, I can imagine the expansion to an AOW franchise.

How is SpatialOS' roadmap helping you plan for development?

I hope there will be tutorials soon, with which I can build my own AOW Launcher. It takes a lot of time to do all this meticulously and independently. It would be a real benefit for me. (Authentication via an own service)

Why is SpatialOS so good for session-based multiplayer games?

- Distribution of the payload on different servers
- Implementation of own match making services
- multiple deployments
- Creation of authority boundaries with overlaps
- automatic adjustments of player densities

That's important to me.

What is important to me and I would like to emphasize once again is that Antares Open World is a pure hobby/community project at the moment and I spend time on it in my spare time. Unfortunately I cannot offer you an agenda or a concrete time schedule. But what I can do is to assure you that I put all my energy, time and effort into this project, and have done so for well over 5 years.

Also I cannot guarantee that I will/must deviate from the concept, because a lot of things have to be implemented first. So things can change and change based on experience. However, it is a good roadmap for at least the next 10 years.

Best Jan

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