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Common, we all know every penny helps, so if you cannot pledge much why not be a spark to lift off this project.


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About Antariksa

Hi! I am Subash Thebe Limbu and I'm the host and producer of अंतरिक्ष... Antariksa, a Nepali podcast that flips, rolls and twists social issues like chopped veggies in a time-travelling hot pan through time-and-space. In other words, I am creating a podcast that explores current socio-political themes and speculate them in distant future with help of science-fiction. I will include latest events and news regarding space, astronomy and kp oli (just kidding)

Subscribe antariksa podcast here in Soundcloud Apple podcastStitcher , or any other android platforms, but please note is the mother site of this podcast where you will find full transcripts, references and further reading materials.

Ok, I think I need to clear some urgent queries before you throw me some dollars not out of pity but in the name of solidarity, genuine interest in science and social concerns, your love for beautiful Nepal and for the love of quality SOUND.

Right, so why podcast?
Sound is very malleable, it gives you access and freedom to imagine scenarios that could never be matched by visual representations. Easy access of internet have made podcast available to far corners of the world like Nepal and the popularity of podcast is only increasing and a very neatly produced, high sound quality podcast enhances the listening experience. Having said that, podcast trend is Nepal is in early stage, and highly polished podcast are rare and the one that deals with science and science fiction, even rarer.

Why in Nepali?
With the rising number of people gaining access to internet in Nepal, the target audience are Nepalese people interested in science and social issues. Although many Nepalese speaks and understands English, a Nepali language podcast will have undoubtedly more outreach. Also, there are already top-notch English language podcasts that explores similar narratives, and trust me they are so good that I don't see any point doing the same thing unless I can do it better which I don't think I can at the moment. As of now, I want to take this listening experience to Nepalese listeners but through their language, their stories and their interpretations.

Why become patron?
Producing a high-end podcast is very time consuming and technical job. Research and writing scripts takes most of the time, while trying to interview people who are hundreds of miles away doesn't make things easier either. Editing, sound design is a never ending process, and at times hopeless because it's like a painting; it's never finished until you're fully satisfied. So time is money, and I need money to give time to produce the show and Patreon helps me to do just that but for a long term. You see, instead of donating big amount you will support with what you can (starting from $1 per month) and in return I promise to produce high quality podcast and also send you small gifts with personal notes. 
Needless to say, you will be helping to make independent, sound driven, and interesting radio/podcast without ads and endorsement of products you don't need. Agree? Great!

Last but not the least,
Why donate when you don't speak Nepali?
I know you are kind and compassionate, you care about the society we live in, you care about community thousands of miles away with no access to clean water, and at times you even donate to big INGOs like Red Cross and all who has failed us tremendously. I have no delusion that this podcast will make any tangible change in society, but I tell you this  to all non-Nepalese, and Nepalese prospective patrons who don't speak Nepali; YOU, yes YOU would be helping to inspire young Nepalese listeners to become more interested in SCIENCE and ASTRONOMY, to DREAM BIG, to take part in dialogue and explore social issues from different PERSPECTIVES. I mean, If not anything, you will give listeners half-an-hour of good radio, at least.

I would consider this podcast a success even if it inspires a single soul, and I hope you think the same, right? Sweet!

If this Patreon is not for you, Its totally fine, please don't feel bad I understand it. And if you just want to make one-off contribution please use this Paypal "DONATE" link instead.

If you cannot help financially, you could help by spreading the word and refer it to friends and family who might like it. That would be great! Cheers!

Thank you! 

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