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Give as much or as little as you want! Regardless if it's $1 or more than that, thank you for the support and it's hugely appreciated.

With this, you'll get access behind the scenes updates on what videos I'm working on in. You'll also be able to leave feedback or ask questions and we can interact directly, so that's pretty neat too! And more to come!
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About AntDude

Hey there! Welcome to my Patreon page! Thanks for stopping by.
Hello! My name is Anthony Cavallo, and I make videos on video games from all generations and try be funny while doing so. Huzzah! I'm honestly just a huge jokester in real life anyway, so combining that with my love for videos games made this seem like a perfect match.

- AntDude -

The AntDude videos are the main selling point of my channel. They're scripted and edited videos that take a look at single or multiple videos games, sometimes some ROM hacks, and just trying to entertain as many people as I can while describing what the games are all about. They vary in length, they're fast paced, and the only thing you can expect in each episode is me probably looking dumb.

I also occasionally do Top 10 lists, Rapid Reviews which look at newer games in a short amount of time, and more in the future! I also do a Let's Play channel for those who are fans of that style of content as well!  Click here to take a look.

- Why Patreon -

With Patreon, I want to make sure my video production is the best it possibly can be. Every video is made, from start to finish, by myself, so the pledges from Patreon are an excellent way to support me for the work I've put in, while getting a look into what I'm working on before anybody else does.

And the best part, you can pledge whatever you want! Minimum is $1, and if that's all you can do, that's not a problem at all and it's always extremely appreciated.

My goal is just to be able to do what I love doing, which is making content that people find entertaining. With the additional support, I will be able to make that content better and make sure the future of my channel is worth watching.

Thank you all for the support, and thanks for watching!
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The equipment used for videos could be a little pricey and there's always a desire to upgrade. I've already picked up stuff like new lights and a better audio for my computer, but hitting this goal would allow me to get a better microphone for my camera, along with many more helpful tools.
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