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About Anthony St. Clair

It's a crazy, difficult world.

Sometimes we all struggle to find some light. That’s why I’m here:  To find that little gleam in the dark.

About me:
What I do

As a full-time independent writer and author, I create compelling fiction and non-fiction for a curious world full of everyday discoveries, endeavors, and surprises. Or, to put it another way, I talk to cool people and dream for a living. My non-fiction ranges from craft beer and food to travel and business. My fiction currently includes the ongoing Rucksack Universe travel fantasy series.

Since 2011 I’ve published 5 books, one box set, and over 300 articles.

What you won't find here

If you’re looking for another tortured, tormented, self-destructive writer who whines about muses and how hard it is to write, then… well, sorry, you’re in the wrong place.

I’m a craftsman. A creative professional. I don’t have time for torment—I write every day and have deadlines to hit.

What you will find here

I’m on Patreon to build a community of fans who share my vision for best lives, truest selves, and a better world.

As one of the readers funding and supporting my work, you will get regular updates from a full-time working writer, special access to me, and early access to new books and stories.

In short, I'm on an awesome creative journey and thought you might come along for the ride.

Recent & current projects

  • Wander, the fifth book in my Rucksack Universe speculative fiction travel fantasy series, came out October 2018
  • Cloud Fortress, the sixth Rucksack Universe book, is currently with my Chief Reader
  • Released an e-book box set of all 5 current Rucksack Universe titles in November 2018
  • Expanding Rucksack Universe short fiction
  • Each month I also write and submit articles for assignments with various publications
  • Writing other fiction (outside the Rucksack Universe)
  • Developing more long-form non-fiction, such as indie travel, craft beer, and kids' allowance

When not at my desk

From my world headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, USA, I’m also a wanderer, hygge-loving hobbit, craft beer expert, home cook, smitten husband, and unicorn homeschool dad to a vivacious son and daughter.

My wife and I are ordinary people who live a not-so-ordinary life. Our home life, travel, work, and homeschooling are all based around a belief that we live and model for our two kids:

At its heart, life needs perseverance, fun, self-determination, and, above all, love and joy, no matter what else.

How Patreon works

Patreon gives people a way to directly financially support creators like me.

I love Patreon, and back other creators who are on the platform. I believe in the patronage model with all my heart, and I'm honored that you would want to support what I do!

Please back my work by becoming a patron with a dollar (or more!) per month.

You'll be charged the day you become a patron, then at the beginning of the month going forward. In return, I will continue to bring you top-notch fiction and non-fiction, from story and writing to editing and presentation. Your patronage helps me continue raising my game.

If you're concerned about going over your budget, you can also stop at any time, or you can switch to a lower support tier at anytime. I never want you to go beyond your means, and I appreciate your good will and support regardless!

Thank You!

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