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(Edit: don't hit that pledge button yet. I'll be back soon.)


Hey there! I'm Justin Cook, also known as Antidamage. I spend my days in Unreal Engine creating plugins, content and game ideas. I specialise in integrating new technology and coming up with new techniques that can be used in games. I previously broke ground on Sobel-style cel shading, a new kind of fur shader and have released a variety of new ways to do previously difficult things.

Sometimes I want to release a totally new idea, other times I want to refine an existing workflow to take it from onerous to possible. I am a force for good in the Unreal Engine community and work tirelessly to help others.

On the burner

Day Job
Integrating a GPU raytracer for creating photo-realistic baked lighting (this is my day job so you cannot fund this).

VR Avatar
A full-body VR avatar system that can do everything from inferring limb position just from an HMD alone to using kinect data with reasonable IK constraints. Here's a test using raw Vive and Kinect data:

Locomotion System for Multiplayer
A new locomotion system that both allows for teleportation and overcomes issues with teleportation in multiplayer games and otherwise realistic animation (Video coming soon)

Procedural City
A procedural city creator, beginning with ground-level shopfronts and heading towards fully fledged urban areas, with a focus on localised themes the world over. The target quality level is to be scalable from birds-eye-view all the way down to VR.

Advanced Glass Shader
Continuing to develop the newly released Advanced Glass Shader: 

Advanced Cel Shader
Continuing to develop the Advanced Cel Shader, currently developing a VR-ready version of the shader and a WindWaker style effect for inclusion in the original marketplace asset.

Advanced Fur Shader
Continuing to develop the Advanced Fur Shader, another existing marketplace asset.

Indie Game
Developing That Killer Game Idea that allows me to take this show on the road full-time.

Why you can help

Funding this Patreon page is by no means a requirement for past and future purchasers of these assets but is instead for patrons who want to give even more support towards these goals. In return I'll send you test assets before they are released and ensure that you have a free copy of the assets through a marketplace entitlement upon release.

My ideal patron is an established game developer who has seen something I'm working on that they like and would like to help bring it into the light of day, or has a technical requirement that one of my projects fulfils.

What you get

Any level of contribution will receive new marketplace assets at no extra cost.

Contribute a little more and you will receive pre-release access to stable assets before they hit the marketplace.

Contribute significantly towards my end goal of self-autonomy and I will become your personal developer.

The journey

In the long term I'd like to complete my day job and become fully self-autonomous as my limiting factor at the moment is time. My second limiting factor will always be the cost of paying bills, purchasing software and purchasing hardware.

Until now I have been funded through my own income and Unreal Engine marketplace asset sales. I have spent over $6500 NZD in the last year alone on this endeavour including an Oculus DK2, HTC Vive, VR-ready workstation, software licensing, peripherals and connectivity. The greatest cost however is in my time, of which I do not have enough. My ultimate goal is to build a sustainable passive income that will allow me to work on an indie title full time.

I live in New Zealand so you get a lot of bang for your buck. $1 USD is worth around $1.40 NZD and our cost of living is similar.

Do you have questions? Does something I've written here not make sense? Communication is a big deal. Get in touch with me and I'll be more than happy to explain something I've said or improve this page.
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Quit and make marketplace assets and games full time.
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