///A|R|M\\\ Anti-Repression Music

is creating songs with words by imprisoned lyricists
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You couldn't make it to our gig this time? That's okay. Showing up isn't always possible. $7 is about the general price of admission. Pay us directly if you couldn't make it, and help us with our regular expenses, like our PO Box and website, which are key communication supports for prisoners and their families. Just one letter can drastically improve the well-being of a caged human, especially if they're in solitary confinement. Human contact is a human need.
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So you missed the gig, no big deal. Had you come, you would have seen our "Tips For The People" box at our merch table. This is where you could have dropped a few extra dollars on top of what you paid for our snazzy merch, or just skipped the consumerism and dropped a few more in the box! Don't despair, you can drop regularly here.

Being a Tipper can make a huge difference in our ability to perform more often and reach more people about letter-writing to caged humans, ending imprisonment, and creating new ways to rehabilitate our most vulnerable members of society.

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You really get us. You understand that the more we get our name in front of people, the more conversations we can have about ending imprisonment, the more awareness is raised about the ineffectual imposition of punishment. 

Being a maker helps us find opportunities to create our semi-regular deliverables like t-shirts, stickers, patches, zines and recordings. These items are costly up front, but they sustain our growth and help us get invited to play in spaces where we can have the most impact. Remember, 100% money made from performances and merch goes directly to families at risk of or currently enduring incarceration or corrective control.



About ///A|R|M\\\ Anti-Repression Music

  •  ///Λ|R|M\\\ Anti-Repression Music is a live political rock band formed to raise benefit funds and awareness for prison abolition and imprisoned people.
  • The words we sing were mailed to us from imprisoned lyricists.
  • We amplify their most powerful lines loudly through our rock music.
  • We publish these lines in a zine called Sacred Lines From Hell.
  • We donate 100% of all performance & merch sales to families enduring imprisonment.
  • Contribute to help us pay for expenses like our rehearsal space, post office box, and website.
  • The more we perform, the more we can network about the abuse of imprisonment.

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