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I've been trying to write books, but I've found the whole process daunting, frustrating, lonely and depressing. No matter how I looked at it, it seemed that writing and selling stories just wasn't a good business model. While it's certainly true that it's possible to make a decent income, the time and effort it takes to produce a product, in addition to the sheer volume of other writers you're competing with for attention, the chances seem extremely slim.

However, I love writing roleplay scenarios for my friends. I currently have three Facebook groups, each dedicated to a different scenario. The longest running one is the high fantasy story/game. It used to be called The City of Gate, but one of the player characters developed the ability to manipulate time and space, and the city for which the game was named, suddenly never existed. So now it's called World of Dragons.
There's also a Sci-Fi one, based in a future where almost everything is run by artificial intelligences, allowing humans to gain Reward Points (otherwise known as RPs or Arpies), the standard currency, by doing tasks they enjoy. These citizens all use augmented reality devices to stay in contact with each other, interact with city facilities and amenities, and to completely customise the way they see the world around them, and how others will see them. Those that chose not to join the N-Viron Network are called Discons, and are treated like terrorists. To be fair, they do want to destroy the network and return to a simpler time when people were self-reliant (lol).
Then there's my newest one. Set in the present. A quantum physicist that used to see fairies as a child, figures out how to break barrier between our world and the land of fairies. Unfortunately, this cause rifts between the worlds to open all over the place, allowing magic to seep back into our world, awakening the latent fairy genes in some and triggering religious fervour in others. Some of fairy kind have also come through, beings of pure magic, and iron repels them. It's called When Magic Returned.
If you want to play, come find the groups in Facebook. You only need to write one in-character comment per week to help keep the story going. If you want you can just lurk in the groups to watch the stories unfold. I'm hoping to create posts telling you all about the story so far for each of them, right here in Patreon. Once we're all caught up, and if people are interested. I may even create another reader-participation story, exclusive to Patreon subscribers. If you're good. ;P

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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