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About Anubhav Prakash

It is Swami Ram Singh Ji’s wish and vision that there should be a place where seekers from around the world and all backgrounds can stay for a substantial time to further their spiritual quest. This vision is only possible with the grace of fellow Truth Seekers, the Sadhsangat.
The Anubhav Prakash Ashram name is inspired by the words of Guru Gobind Singh Ji as they appear in Jaap Sahib. Anbhau Prakash means ‘experience of the inner light’ which is the ultimate state of freedom, clarity and joy one can experience in their life. The goal of the ashram is to function as a catalyst of inner progress for the realization of the divine Self.

Currently Swami Ji teaches brahmvidya and meditation classes over Zoom and will soon resume traveling to hold in-person Satsangs. Swami Ji teaches non-dualistic (advait) teachings from a number of traditional granths penned by Enlightened Beings from many different faiths. Swami Ji teaches from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, Suraj Prakash, and other Sikh granths in addition to brahmvidya granths such as Vichar Bhandar, Adhyatam Prakash, Vichar Chandaruday, Vichar Sagar, Panchdasi, Vritti Prabhakar, Yog Sutras, Upanishads, the Buddhist Canon, and more.

Having a physical space (ashram) will allow Swami Ji to teach Gurbani and Brahmvidya as well as hold continuous retreats that focus on sadhana/meditation under the principles of ekant, mon, dhiaan (solitude, silence, and meditative absorption). Meditations that aim to purify mental obstructions, remove karmic blockages, cultivate energetic inner silence can be honed in a relaxed, joyful and disciplined environment such as that provided by an ashram.

The Anubhav Prakash Ashram Mission:
To be joyful and give joy to others. To have inner clarity and give inner clarity to others. To be honest Truth Seekers and hone an environment for other Truth Seekers to grow.

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