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About Anyland

Welcome dear Anylander! I'm Philipp, and with Scott & all of you we are creating a virtual reality universe! A place to escape to, chat, meet friends from all over the world, explore, program, play, build, relax, create art, and hopefully, to call home! And a place with the most fascinating people, areas and inventions... that is, all of you and your creations!

The VR market is still in its early growing days. You can help support our server, modules & development costs until VR may one day hit mainstream. Once it does, we hope to finance Anyland with the help of people who enjoy it so much they decide to buy the creation tool option once a year, or who send paid Nifts to others. In this early stage, everything you do in VR shapes VR history!

Our top priority, as always, is all of your happiness, so this Patreon is meant to help best sustain Anyland, future-proof it, possibly bring more developer brains on board to work on specific tasks, allow us to easier license new modules where needed, and buy server packages that would increase capacity!

Thank you,
with Love to all of you!

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