Aortic Inkwell is creating comics!


$1 /mo
At this tier you will gain access to Patreon exclusive posts! Thank you so much~!

~Forest Dwellers~

$5 /mo
Access to Patreon exclusive posts and as the PDFs become available, you will get a download of each chapter as they come out.

~Color Bliss~

$10 /mo
Coloring pages! 

This reward gives you access to lineart done by me for you to color yourself! You can post your colored pages to your own social media account (with a link back here) and/or...


$20 /mo
You will receive the rewards of the previous tier as well as an 8.5"x11" print.

As this tier you will also be able to send me requests as to what you would like me to draw. I will then pic...

~Ink Bliss~

$50 /mo
The bonuses of previous tiers as well as a personalized ink mini-sketch each month. (Will be sent with the print)

(Fandom or Morgaleya related requests only)


$100 /mo
The bonuses of previous tiers as well as a custom 8"x10" watercolor and ink bust mailed out to you bi-monthly.

(Fandom and Morgaleya related requests only)