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The Wattpad versions of my chapters are rough.  There are typos, choppy pacing, etc.  I write most of them from my phone.  But patrons will see revised and smoothed out chapters after I've had a chance to sit on them for a while, deepen moments, and fix errors.  

You will also get to see the editing process, because I HAVE AN EDITOR NOW.  This is very exciting.

Vote On Stories

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Not just content to get the Early Edition?  With this tier, you get to influence what happens in the stories with Patrons-Only polls!  

You might be spoiled by the poll choices, so if you just want to sit back and be surprised, this may not be the tier for you.  But if you want to have a hand in deciding a story's love interest, plot twist, or more, Vote Early & Often.  (I love polls.)




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Welcome!  (You're probably a reader from Wattpad.)

I'm Ace, writer of creative adult stories.  My goal is to take you on a journey of imagination, adventure, and romance...

All my stories have explicit sex.

And they come from other people’s suggestions and prompts.  I'm like a phone sex operator.  It's fun.

Here are just a few of the prompts I've received:  
  • A lifeguard rescues a man and brings him home to her hot roommate” (Seaglass, December 2016)
  • A young man must kill a tigron, a dangerous wild beast, for a warrior ceremony, but discovers the tigron has chosen him as his mate.” (Tiger-Born, December 2016)
  • A self-hacked android and her wood-spirit boyfriend want to track down an elusive mermaid (The Last of Their Kind, February 2017)
I even had a story published in the 2015 Yaoi-Con Anthology.  Which was a hot mess since I pounded it out in 4 hours.

By all appearances, I am a normal person. I go to my job, go to class, play and watch sports, go out with friends. But VERY FEW PEOPLE know that I have this creative hobby... heh heh heh.  And in my free time, I study writing and self-editing so I can create better stories.

Who can submit a prompt?
Anyone, patron or not. Message me on Wattpad, or email ([email protected]

I keep all the prompts in a text file on my phone, cleverly called ideas.txt.

Why am I on Patreon?

It means so much that people value my stories enough to give their hard earned money to me.  Now that I have gotten a patron or two, I am so honored.  Thank you!

I want to keep giving people a better erotic/romantic experience. 
For the immediate future:
* Editing for longer works (Stallion Mage)
* Commissioned illustrations
* Better covers! I do the best I can, but I'm not a pro.

But here are my MAJOR future goals...
1) A real-time interactive adult dungeons-n-dragons type story.  I already have the scenario, given to me by one of my friends who knows what I do.  While I always welcome interaction, what happens in this story would be directly controlled by polls at the end of each episode.

2) A really good, really long vampire dating sim with fully realized paths for all choices.  I know how big of a project this is because I play VNs, myself.  I know it will take lots of resources - not just art money, but planning, programming, testing, and lots of writing, because it's going to be story focused rather than art focused.  I'm in it to win it. 

Pledges are per month, so how often do I update?

Check my Wattpad ( I update 2000 words at least 4x / month. 

What I'm doing with the money

I have a special savings account for any Patreon money. This is for future developments - for art, editing, etc.

It also may include a (basic) laptop, since mine is now missing 3 keys on the keyboard and keeps restarting.  Good thing I can still write and post on my phone, though I can't do covers for any stories.

So if you want to support what I’m already doing, and also want to contribute to my future goals, consider becoming my Honored Patron.  Not only will you be helping more stories and interactive fiction get developed, but it will be fun for YOU to see chapters in advance, get voting rights on characters and plot twists, and more!

- Acey

PS - There are a few kinds of prompts I don't take.
1) Any non-adult characters.  (You knew that, right?)  Age play is ok.
2) Any real animals.  Shifters / anthro all good, as you already know.
3) Sexualized violence. BDSM, fantasy stuff is fine with me, though.
4) Fanfiction.  I'm just not that good, and I'm probably not into any major fandoms.  However, I can look into a pairing and do something inspired by it.

If you give me a prompt and I can't do it, I'll tell you to just give me another one.
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An AO SPADE Outtake

Ok, so I have this story. It's informally called "the chocolate bunny story" written to traumatize/entertain a friend. It has never seen the light of day other than a printout at his party… but I'll bring it out when I reach this milestone.  It's weird and contains some "interesting" kinks.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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