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Established in November 2017, A&P Preservation features A&P-owned stores throughout the 20th and 21st century, the company's changes, and present day. A&P Preservation features forgotten, yet also well-known, stores every week through a showcase of photos inside and out, and former A&P stores in regions we would have never guessed that the company was in. But they don't only feature stores-- also A&P memorabilia, store tours from A&P competitors, tidbits on certain A&P brands, and quick 30-second commercials.

Your contributions help us keep going and putting out new content in the supermarket and A&P world. You are also funding A&P history, and possibly an A&P museum in the distant future.

Even the smallest of contributions are appreciated and are recognized.
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When I reach $100 per month, I'll start accepting requests for store tours from anyone, with of course my patrons being first on the list!
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