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My name's Tom.  I'm a gunsmith, a gamer and above all a firm believer in sharing knowledge with anyone interested enough to listen.  Have you ever run into something you couldn't quite get back together, or weren't sure you wanted to mess with because you couldn't find guides or diagrams online anywhere?  I want to step in and help!

For the past few months I've taken it upon myself to make picture guides with high resolution photos showing every step of the process in disassembling firearms that no one seems to have much info on.  Guides are always written with minimal commentary in a clear step by step process, illustrated with images.  Take a look under the hood at what makes guns tick, the mechanical lineage of the gun and how to get it back together without messing things up. 

All pledges go toward quality of presentation and expanding the archives, including web hosting costs.  I started with an eight year old Powershot, trashy fluorescent office lighting and pure stubbornness.  I hope to help and entertain enough people to pick up a worthwhile camera for video use, a standalone mic and get to work on HD quality video tutorials in addition to the written and photo versions.  Sometimes you just don't want to watch a 20 minute video, so the written guides will always accompany videos.

In addition to guides
, I'll be looking into livestreaming discussions about firearms and commentary of the portrayal of guns in videogames on  In the future, videos from the gunsmith's bench, the shooting range and all sorts of other formats could be possible with your support!  Your input is important, and I want to hear what YOU want to see ripped apart, made into a guide or made into a video!

I'm a federally licensed firearm dealer and gunsmith
, so I can enlist the help of patrons, too!  Make requests and I'll try to get my hands on what patrons want to see torn apart and detailed.  Anyone willing to loan me a firearm for a guide will have the round trip shipping costs paid for them, plus some free tuning thrown in.  I'm more than happy to walk you through the process to safely and legally ship to me; it's business as usual for an FFL!

Most importantly of all, these guides will always be available for free.  I want people to have as much knowledge on firearms available to them as possible, to fuel that DIY gunsmith in all of us.  Whether you're just curious from a mechanical point of view or a diehard IPSC shooting champion, taking a look under the hood is an experience for everyone!
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Turns out you need bandwidth and storage to serve thousands of high res images and pages of gunsmith ramble.  Who knew?  Web hosting gets a boost to make space for all the new content!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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