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About The Apocalypse Review

The Apocalypse Review is at the center of an ecosystem of political satire sites that parody echo-chamber politics. For example, the joke Republicans to Replace Medicaid with Guns will reference a parody of conservative political commentary on, or which in turn will reference a parody of think-tanks at, which in turn will reference comprised academic research at the which will cite the NGO which will then link back to the original joke.

Currently, only the ApocalypseReview is live. is next in the pipeline. It has been prototyped but still requires approximately $10,000 worth of work. is third in the pipeline.

You are probably here because of one of these jokes. If you found it funny note that there are (currently) 235 more that are an edit away from going live, which doesn't include the one-off topical jokes we come up with on a daily basis. Note that each joke costs between $500 and $1,000 to produce. These numbers only include the text/graphical versions of our humor.  Phase II of the project we will include video and podcasts, which are more expensive to produce.

Please note that the awkward phrase "The Apocalypse Review is creating Political Satire" is generated automatically by my friends at Patreon.

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