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That's one small beverage for Andreas...
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You are awesome! This tier will not only brighten my day, but also give you a temporary 30% EXP boost IRL <3 

... one giant leap
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(シ_ _)シ
I welcome you Supreme Overlord.
According to math and science, this will give you a 30000% EXP boost!




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About ap--

Hello and welcome to my patreon!

I'm not sure yet what I'll be creating here, which is why it'll be free to everyone. I'm going to guess there's a 98.3% chance, that this will stay at the 0 patreons level forever ;)

So if you would like to prove everyone wrong, make the world a better place, and support me and the things I'm creating: sign up and like and subscribe and ring the bell and retweet and please please please don't look at the comments below.

*update* yay! `num_patrons > 0`

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