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About ApparelCuts

At our Website ApparelCuts you will find a growing collection of resources that are mainly created for small shops that sell apparel online. We believe in affordable and qualitative contents.

To begin with, we focus on resources for print-on-demand business models and Spreadshirt in particular. As of this we started the time consuming creation of our Spreadshirt for Wordpress Plugin. The Plugin was developed and battle tested over years, before we decided to finally publish it.

As such a plugin is a project that never stops, we decided to fund it through Patreon as a suistanable source of income. Instead of one-time payments, this will guarantee our users regular updates and support. A win-win.

Nevertheless, we decided to release a free version of the plugin, to ensure the quality through a broader range of users. Free users receive almost the same functionality, but will receive updates not as fast and often. Also we will focus on developing more premium features first.

Aside from the plugin, we plan to release a lot of other resources, most notably Mockups of T-Shirts, Hoodies etc. Some of them are almost production ready, but need a little sanding before we can finally publish them.

Why do we need your support?
Creating resources costs not only money but time. A damn lot of it. With your support, we can put aside other things and work on new and existing resources.

How often do we release new stuff?
As some resources require much more time, this is hard to tell. For example some new functionalities for the Wordpress Plugin can take weeks while others may be done in a day. But as our Patron, we hear your voice about what’s most urgent.

What exactly do you receive in return for your donation?
You can download *all* resources from our website, as long as you’re an active Patron (except Tier 1). After that, you can continue to use the resources you’ve got, but can’t receive future releases, updates and priority support. Depending by your choosen Tier, you are allowed to use the resource on one or more projects. For details see the License linked with the resource on our website.


If you have any questions, contact us at any time at [email protected]

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