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You’ve been to the seas of the hyperoctahedron and have even seen glimpses of five dimensional hypercubic markdown structures. 

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Your consciousness is entangled with all other minds, and your ability to quantizise activity patterns gives you an infinite edge to write compelling content.

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To most people, heavy quarkonium has no meaning, but not to you. You are utilising the fact that it is a multiscale system and includes the phenomenon of sequential suppression, and you don’t need to top-up your 4-D hypercubic entangled quarkonium fuel storage any time soon, because you have an infinite yield.

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What is Appernetic?

Thanks for making it to Appernetic 's Patreon page! Get access and join our exclusive community for building a platform for static websites. is a modern cloud-based JAMStack development platform for static websites. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, secure and fast web presence.

Our goal is to build an even better JAMStack platform for static Hugo websites that use infinitely scalable microservices. Currently, we use a traditional server architecture that has its limitations. 

Get exclusive access to the new platform we are building and new high-quality Hugo themes to use with it. We have already created two themes: Hugo-Bootstrap-Premium and Hugo-Nederburg-Theme

Who are we?

Hi, my name is Göran I’m a co-founder, startup engineer, micropreneur and philosopher currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am a fan of entrepreneurship, sailing, floorball, skiing and programming. I’m also interested in science and innovation.

I co-founded a computer reseller company back in 1991 and a hosting company in 1995 and also worked with several startups around 2000. After that, I built a content management system, an artisan brokering marketplace, a mobile JavaEE game e-commerce site, different membership sites, an iPhone app to record conversations and a service to forecast the Swedish OMX stock market among other things.

Then I thought it should be easy to build a SaaS for static websites so to live my micropreneural pipe dream I built and are currently improving and marketing the service, which is anything but easy.

Join Appernetic's exclusive community

Every donation helps me write as much open source work as possible and build an awesome platform for building fast and secure static websites and keep the cost down for everyone while at the same time avoid VC funding and spammy sell tactics.

Project plan: 
  • Build an AWS Lambda Auth0 Custom Authorizer Function.
  • Build an AWS Lambda Hugo Static Site Generator Function.
  • Build an AWS Lambda Multi-User Function.
  • Build an AWS Lambda Form Post Handler Function.
  • Build an AWS Lambda Site Manager Function.
  • Build an AWS Lamba Image, crop and resize Function.
  • Build an AWS Lambda Assets Optimization Function. 
  • Build an AWS Lambda Hugo Website Preview Function.
  • Build an AWS Lambda S3 Hosting solution with instant CDN cache purges. 
  • Multilingual support in the dashboard, we will be adding Swedish to start with and then other languages with the help of Google Translate and the community.
  • Better UX in mobile browsers and fix small issues in the Dashboard.
  • Support for multiple sites and deploy to S3, BitBucket, GitLabs, Zip archives.
  • Support for all the Hugo shortcodes in the markdown editor.
  •  Give users access to the content of the Project folder with CRUD capabilities and using the Codemirror editor.
  • Switch to a better Markdown editor. Probably SimpleMDE.
  • Add support for storing image files in the local folder.
  • Add support for e-commerce with Stripe, so it will be easy to add Buy buttons and Credit Card forms to a static webpage.
  • Add support for SEO advice in the editor.
  • A better wizard to get started with a JAMStack website fast, with included domain name registration.

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$27 of $250 per month
I build a new Hugo Theme based on a open sourced HTML, Jekyll, Ghost or WordPress theme.
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