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Hosting a website at scale means investment in servers, databases, and time! The goal of this patreon page is to create a prospect website for the public that's accessible, comprehensive and easy to consume.

The proceeds will go directly to maintaining the site, as well as give me the ability to produce high quality content like:
1. NHL draft rankings
2. Player Cards
3. NHL Team Prospect Pipelines 
 4. Historical evaluations of past drafts

A summary of what the work entails:

The NHL Draft selects the best 17-18 year old hockey players across the globe with the goal to pick the players most likely to play in the NHL. Most players don't arrive to the NHL in till their early 20s which leaves teams having to project what a player will be 4-5 years away. This project aims to model a player's development through time given present information and estimate the possible leagues and performance a player should expect in subsequent seasons.

The goal for APPLE is to build a better solution for the old problem of player development. It draws heavily on core principles of its predecessors, while applying modern deep learning techniques to give APPLE a novel feel.

The application for this model is quite widespread: pre-draft rankings, analyzing team prospect pipelines, and fantasy. The NHL draft has been one of my passions since attending the ‘06 draft in Vancouver as a kid, and was undoubtedly hooked when I discovered and its sorting feature on each draft class. Hopefully this model adds to the fury of draft coverage, discussion and excitement of the worlds best sport.

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