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Everyone who pledges anything gets free access to Rule the Waves, my history of the BBC DGs, as it's written. And a buck also gets you Associate producer credit on The Hard Sell and other videos! Your name in low-resolution lights!
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Executive producer credit, access to the odd live stream and exclusive video content from 90-second long A/V club jokes to musings on forgotten ephemera! Plus free access to Rule the Waves, of course.

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All the above, consulting producer credit, and you can nag me for something else and I'll probably oblige.




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About Matthew Harris

My name is Matthew Harris. I am known as Applemask for reasons best not worried about (because they don't exist).

As Bob the Fish Productions, I make videos about the history of television and the semiological aspects of advertising. Fortunately for me they also have jokes in them, or I'd have starved to death long before Patreon came along. My main series is The Hard Sell, but there are plenty of others, including an epic documentary on the evolving identity of every single ITV company. Still with jokes in.

I'm also writing a book. Having "done" the history of ITV, the obvious next step is the BBC. "Rule the Waves" is a working title for my history of the Corporation through its Directors General, from Reith through to Hall. I'm working on it right now, but you can practically read along with my typing if you pledge to this Patreon, because a new chapter will be published for patrons only every two to four weeks. This is the only chance anyone will have to read this thing, possibly ever, so don't miss out!
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It is MAD EXPENSIVE to advertise you guys. MAD EXPENSIVE.
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