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Appocrypha is a personal project, based in the franchise The Elder Scrolls. It's meant to be used to auto-edit any history written, and distribute it around the world with an app, with a store integrated to sell the physical book (or merchandising) on the history. The texts are never distributed with the app: is totally secure in the sense that those texts are cloud stored, and the app simply accesses to it through an API.

On Appocrypha itself: Have you ever played any The Elder Scrolls release, like Skyrim or Oblivion? In those games, there are tons of books on each and every dungeon, some of them with awesome stories of medieval fantasy. When I created 'Libros de Skyrim', an App in spanish with a list of all books, I didnt expect the success it had. However, I never added ads or so to that app, as it was a weekend fast job to understand the android app dev lifecycle. I decided, when I realize the success of 'Libros de Skyrim' (4.7/5 on the Play Store years ago) to create Appocrypha, an app in english, spanish, french and german, based strictly on TES Lore, not a game guide: something nice, and useful for every user and never getting obsolete on each new TES release.

The App has been done with love, and a humble admiration for the creators of this saga, which I credit in every moment inside the app, based on the 'Fair Use'.

It has been optimized to show the royal caps, illustrations, and a system where you can tap on any name of the books and it will tell you who that character is, where is from, explore it's history, the book mentions, and get lost in the deepness of this saga within your own mobile, to read whenever you want, not just when you're playing The Elder Scrolls.

Focus on killing dragons in-game! Later, you can read that dragon history, when you're on the bus, or queuing anywhere, with Appocrypha.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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