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is creating AppRun, a lightweight library for all types of applications

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About Yiyi Sun

We've set up this Patreon page because we are looking for help to make AppRun:

The #1 JavaScript library for developing modern applications. 

We plan to compete with React, Vue, Angular and other frameworks and libraries to become the #1 library.

AppRun uses the latest and best architectural ideas including the Elm architecture, event pub-sub, and components. It is lightweight that has only a tiny API of just three functions. It adds no overhead or ceremony. Applications built with AppRun have less line of code, smaller js file, and better performance. See a comparison from A Real-World Comparison of Front-End Frameworks with Benchmarks (2019 update).

1. Using AppRun your applications are fast to market.  has a low learning curve. Developers can start app development with only three API functions: app.run, app.on, and app.start. AppRun CLI provides developers production-ready development environment and run-time developer tools.

2. AppRun is flexible and practical. It gives options. Developers can choose:
  • Use JavaScript or TypeScript (type safe);
  • Include it in a script tag or build applications using webpack;
  • Build a global application or use components;
  • Render the screen using HTML string or Virtual DOM/JSX;

3. AppRun has good performance. You can see the performance results compared to other frameworks and libraries.

AppRun has made the great first step. The number of Github stars are growing. But it is not widely known and adopted yet.

Your support will go directly towards funding the development and marketing efforts. Thank you and together, we will create the #1 library. ❤️
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When I reach $100 per month, I’ll give away one copy of the book 'Practical Application Development with AppRun' (Apress) to whom asks every month.
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