BackerkitMerch manager and eligibility tracker, plus Patron-only store
BackerkitMerch manager and eligibility tracker, plus Patron-only store

NOTE: This integration is in beta and only available to creators in the Pro and Premium plans.

BackerKit (beta) makes it easy for creators to offer and ship their own merch on membership tiers, and provides a patron-only merch store to offer patrons something extra. Creators take care of sourcing and ordering the merch, as well as packing and shipping the items, and the Backerkit platform takes care of organizing the list of who gets what when! BackerKit includes:

  • Eligibility tracker: Easily track who gets items based on how long they’ve been a patron, how much they’ve donated, and at which levels
  • Merch order management: Organize orders in real-time dashboard
  • Patron-only add on store: Creators can earn even more by giving patrons access to additional creator merch items upon checkout.
  • Address validation:** Patrons validate their shipping address with BackerKit when pledging to ensure items are sent to the right place.
  • Purchase postage: Creators can bulk purchase and print shipping labels directly from BackerKit

What kind of creator would benefit from BackerKit?

  • Making at least $1,000/mo on Patreon – Creators that are making enough money a month to produce, source, and manage specialty merch items for their patrons.
  • Creating tangible goods as benefits – Currently offer/or are considering physical goods as rewards; like illustrators, comics, visual artists, that create physical goods for a significant number of patrons.
  • Creators that have extra merch items lying around – By using the patron-only store, creators who have expressed an interest in custom merch, can delight their patrons and grow earnings by selling excess merch items they have on hand
  • Creators looking to grow patronage, and convert fans to patrons – By offering personalized rewards, creators can incentivize fans to pledge for the first time, or increase their current tier level.

Want to learn more on how to set this up? See instructions here.

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