BonjoroSend personalized welcome or thank-you videos to your customers
BonjoroSend personalized welcome or thank-you videos to your customers

When a patron pledges they will immediately be added to your Bonjoro to-do list. This means you can easily record and send a personal thank you video. You can also set up triggers for when a patron increases their pledge, or when they delete their pledge, so you can easily send personal videos at those crucial moments too. Also, wave goodbye to painful testimonial collection with Bonjoro’s simple no-code customer testimonials platform.

  • Create an instant human connection with every new patron by sending a personal thank-you video right to their email inbox
  • Make your patrons feel like more than just a number – show them some love at key milestones, and give them a reason to stick around
  • Attract more fans as patrons share your videos via social media and word of mouth
  • Pin up customer-friendly testimonial requests in minutes and share them anywhere with a simple link
  • Create your own Wall of Love in just a few minutes

Bonjoro Patreon Integration Walkthrough

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