Codebard WordPress PluginsPower up your WordPress website!
Codebard WordPress PluginsPower up your WordPress website!
Power up your WordPress site! Join 7000+ WordPress site owners by installing Codebard plugins to bring Patreon features to your site along with membership features not available at Patreon. Install every plugin to have them synergize and power up the others. Unlock an increasing collection of features:


  • Post advanced patron only content at your site and easily sync your Patreon posts
  • Convert your visitors to patrons by having them unlock patron only content directly at your site
  • Use advanced gating methods like “Gate/Show last X”, “Gate/Show after X days”, “Gate/Show by date” and more
  • Gate parts of your posts – gate more than one part of a post
  • Show sneak peek / teasers before gated posts
  • Show custom, rich call to actions for individual gated posts
  • Show/hide parts of your posts from patrons or non patrons
  • Use easy gating wizard to see who will have access to your patron only content and how
  • Easily mass gate and mass manage old and new patron only content. Re-gate and optimize old content
  • Allow only patrons to log in. Give VIP status or Custom patron status to users
  • Easily add customizable widgets and banners to your posts and your site to send your visitors to your Patreon
And many more features. All Codebard plugins synergize with the official plugin!
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Get a permanent 15% discount by subscribing while ordering premium plugins. Access even more discounts by joining and following the ‘Patron & Creator Plugins’ mailing list!