DiscoursePatron-only online forum

Discourse is a simple, but powerful tool that makes it easy to run and manage a patron-only community forum. Creators are using Patreon’s Discourse integration in all types of ways:

  • Special badges for patrons in your community
  • Patron-only Q&A sessions
  • Patron-to-patron interaction
  • Deeper discussions in a patron-only space
  • Unlike a Facebook group or other forums that can be burdensome to sync with patrons, Discourse automatically adds and/or removes patrons based on their membership access. Creators love the way it stands as a long-lasting hub of all the convos you and your patrons have geeked out over together.

When a patron pledges, they can then visit your Discourse forum website and sign in with their Patreon credentials. This adds them automatically to the ‘patrons’ group, which you can then customize things like badges, avatar flair, title, access, and so on.

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How is Discourse used with Patreon?
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