Evercast Real-time creative collaboration, with HD streaming and video chat
Evercast Real-time creative collaboration, with HD streaming and video chat
Evercast is a SaaS tool that combines video conferencing with HD live streaming and multi-channel audio in one platform, allowing creatives to work together in real-time, from pre- to post-production. Evercast boasts advanced cloud-based infrastructure that enables superior streaming from any source (live cameras, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Pro Tools, or any other tool). Though Evercast users include creatives at every major film studio, leading gaming companies, top advertising agencies, and even music studios, Evercast also offers flexible pricing for independent creatives. To learn more about plans and services for independent creators, please contact us at [email protected] 


  • Source-agnostic streaming at 1080p & 60fps, with an average latency of 150ms
  • 4k Ultra screen sharing supporting multiple shares at once
  • Full spectrum audio & 5.1 surround sound capability
  • No file sharing or specialized hardware required to join and collaborate
  • Features made specifically for creative collaboration, including on-screen drawing, session recording, and time-stamped notes
  • Industry-leading security approved by all major entertainment studios worldwide
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Pricing and perks
Evercast Pro [Pricing for Evercast Pro only. Not valid for Evercast Studio]
  • No free trials available. Patreon Creators get a free 2-week trial
  • Month to month contract regularly $199. For Patreon Creators: $179
  • Annual contract regularly $149 per month. For Patreon Creators: $129 per month