KaratThe first business rewards card built for creators
KaratThe first business rewards card built for creators
Simplify taxes, save money, and earn perks with a Karat business rewards card. Karat is the first business rewards card built for creators. Compared to a normal business card, Karat provides higher limits & perks based on social stats. Karat supports the largest creators in the world across all social platforms – including Alexandra Botez, Lenny Rachitsky, Josh Richards, Nas Daily, Sam Kolder, 3LAU, TierZoo and many more.


  • Limits based on social stats —  Sign-up and receive a spending limit based on your social stats, not a credit score. Limits vary from $1K / month to $5M+ / month. Find out if you’re eligible at www.trykarat.com
  • Earn cashback and simplify taxes — Earn 3-5% cashback on categories relevant to your business. Get an itemized report every month to that helps you receive tax writeoffs.
  • Real support from real people — If you need assistance with any financial problem, big or small, the Karat Concierge Team is available via text, email, or phone. 
  • Scale your business— Issue additional Karat cards for employees & contractors. Issue additional Karat cards to track new lines of business. No matter the use case, Karat grows with your business.
  • Your own custom Karat card — Every card created is unique to the creator and laser etched just for you.
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