Pop DomoCollab with artists to drop art prints and merch. Patrons get first dibs :)
Pop DomoCollab with artists to drop art prints and merch. Patrons get first dibs :)

Pop Domo connects Patreon’s creator community with top artists for simple and lucrative artistic collaborations that produce high-end wall art, as well as merchandise including t-shirts and hoodies.

Patrons receive both early access to buy from your limited-edition drops AND a discount on the retail price, which will drive many new fans to become Patrons.

A collab with Pop Domo takes no more than 30 mins of a creator’s time, delights your fans and generates significant proceeds, which can be retained for profit, donated to charity or a combination of the two.

Who we are

Our team is comprised of a team of technology and creator industry specialists who have spent their careers creating fan-first merchandise initiatives with everyone from musicians like Jay-Z, Kenny Chesney and Justin Bieber to podcasters and creators like My Favorite Murder and Rachel Bloom.


We make buying art FUN and FAN-FRIENDLY

  1. Collabs & onsales that ‘drop’ limited-edition pieces feels special and like you’re participating in a cultural movement (eg. buying sneakers from Supreme)
  2. Super fans (aka Patrons) get FIRST access to buy and can do so at a discount
  3. Fans connect with the artists behind the collab and can join their tribes

We make collaborating incredible easy for creators

  1. Takes 30 minutes of time all-in
  2. You choose how proceeds are divided up (charity, profit or both)
  3. You choose the artist you want to work with from Pop Domo’s roster of hundreds of artists
  4. We negotiate the terms of an artist’s participation including costs, timeline and how the collaborative process will work to ensure a productive and inspiring collaboration

We offer you a diverse collection of high-quality Art Prints and Merchandise SKUs

  1. Art Prints: Canvas, art paper and posters
  2. Merchandise: Hoodies, T-shirts, Coffee Mugs and masks

We take care of all the heavy lifting 🙂

  1. All Operations: Online store at Popdomo.com, customer service, production and fulfillment of orders, distribution of proceeds at end of collaboration
  2. Marketing services (Optional): Marketing planning (strategic planning + creation of promotional images and copywriting), social advertising, as well as promotional support via @Art on Instagram
  3. Data Collection and sharing: All mobile and e-mail data collected during the course of our collab is shared with you
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Pricing and perks

Proceed distribution

  1. Pop Domo collects 15% of the retail transaction OR flat project fee
  2. Artists are paid either a flat fee
  3. Cost of goods (merch, art, etc) are deducted
  4. Remainder of proceeds are distributed to creators

Pricing of goods (example offerings)

  1. Framed 16”x24” wall art: $150-$200 retail ($50-70 cost of goods)
  2. Unframed 10”x15” wall art: $50-$70 retail ($15-20 cost of goods)
  3. Hoodies: $50-60 retail ($25-$35 cost of goods)
  4. T-shirts: $30-$40 retail ($12-$20 cost of goods)