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You're not only helping me create useful free tools and games - you're helping me host and promote them.  I'll thank you publicly via a social network of your choice ;)

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Thanks! You're really encouraging me to continue to create useful free tools and engaging games. You'll get the chance to influence on what I'll be doing next in this domain through an exclusive access to community Trello board(s) :)

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You're committed to my work and that's fantastic! Not only you're being a part of converting thought into useful software - you're helping me use all the right tools, both software and hardware.

In addition to all previous awards I will be happy to jump on chat or audio/video sessions at least once every 2 months to discuss the next steps for any of the tools I'm building or maintaining.



About Miloš Đekić

Whoa, hey there! Thank you for considering supporting FREE software and games! I believe software should be at least super cheap, don't you? Some tools should always be free though, right? I build tools like that help many in their daily lives. I also build games.

I would love to keep them free, never sell them to marketing vultures and make sure they keep bringing more and more value and fun. Sometimes, this requires, well, time and other resources. I will find the time, you can help with everything else! Let's keep this thing running together :)

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