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About Apricity

Welcome to Apricity OS, a modern, intuitive operating system for the cloud generation of computing. 

Why should you donate?
The Apricity OS Team in its current state consists of just a few Chicagoans working in their spare time to create what we hope will be the best possible user experience that Linux has to offer. However, working only in spare time has its limitations. For one, it means that we need to make tough decisions about where our development time should be spent. For another, it limits the amount of beta testing we can do in-house before releasing publicly. You have the power to change all that. With your support, we will be able to devote more of our time to maximizing stability, coming up with new and exciting features, and working on that idyllic, mobile-ready, Wayland-toting version of Apricity OS. Your support will also help pay for the translation of several aspects of Apricity OS, including the Apricity OS installer and ICE. Translation is especially important because of our increasingly global appeal: Apricity OS has been downloaded from 91 countries and counting. We thank you for your continued support and wish you the best possible experience using Apricity OS.

What makes Apricity OS special?
Apricity OS, by stripping down the Gnome desktop environment to its essentials, is able to be fast and fluid without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Apricity OS idles at around 500 megabytes of memory usage, as opposed to other popular operating systems that idle at up to several gigabytes. This also helps bring boot times down to just a few seconds.

Apricity OS lets you put your favorite web apps on the desktop with ICE, a simple SSB (Site Specific Browser) manager. These specialized browsers minimize the number of steps between you wanting to use your favorite web app and you actually using it. This embodies our vision here at Apricity: we want to help make your workspace, and your playspace, more productive and elegant.

It is possible to use many Windows programs and games on Apricity OS using Wine and PlayOnLinux. This helps ease the transition of switching from Windows to Apricity OS and helps you maintain the same workflow you used on another operating system.


As an operating system for the modern day, Apricity OS has excellent hidpi compatibility. This means that Apricity OS, unlike many other operating systems, can be used on “Retina” style displays with a minimum of scaling issues.

Installed Applications
Apricity OS comes with a number of applications designed to create a more useful environment for both work and play, including LibreOffice, Totem, Gnome Photos, Gnome Music, Gnome Calendar, and Steam.


Syncthing allows you to share large amounts data across multiple platforms allowing to be as connected as possible. Syncthing can transfer large files even faster than cloud-based alternatives. Furthermore, your files and personal information are stored only on local devices, not in the cloud, and are encrypted along every step in the file transfer process.

Staying Connected

Staying connected between your devices can be tedious work, but Apricity OS comes with Pushbullet, a tool that lets you send links and small files between your devices, and lets you receive mobile notifications, texts, and phone calls across all your devices.


Apricity OS utilizes Liquid Prompt, an adaptive bash prompt that makes your terminal more informative and beautiful.


Because Apricity OS is based on Arch Linux, it follows a rolling release cycle. This, when combined with the graphical Pamac package manager, ensures that you always have the most up to date packages. This also helps minimize security risks.


SBackup, is one of the easiest ways to back up your computer. While remaining simple and easy to use, it has many notable features which makes it stand apart from the competition. SBackup is able to create both compressed and uncompressed backups, able to split uncompressed backups into multiple parts, supports scheduled backups and manual backups, can back up files to both local and remote destinations, and has a variety of advanced options such as logging, and email notification.


Apricity OS keeps your information safe through the use of Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW). UFW was created to be an intuitive firewall that is ready out of the box with default set of rules that serve the needs of the basic computer user. UFW also can be customized to suit the needs of the user.

Our Philosophy

Here at Apricity, we believe that digital computing is an integral part of our daily lives today, and thus must remain open and accessible. This is why Apricity OS is, and always will be, 100% free.
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