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is creating food art, illustrations, and short 2D animations about sadness




Hallo~ I'm April, and I like to create mostly food illustrations about food from pop media. And recently, I started creating short 2D animations about sadness, which was a little cathartic for me.

I like watching films and shows, and developed the semi-conscious tendency to look out for the food featured in them to use for my Food from Pop Media. I find it baffling, and sometimes, frustrating when the characters don't eat, or them eating are shown off-screen. My head would go, 'Come on, eat something. Aren't you hungry after all that crime fighting?'

It also took me seven or so TED talk videos about being an artist before finally making an account here, in Patreon. And while typing this, The Power of Introverts is playing in another window. I'm an introvert artist who took a long time to 'put myself out there.' My portfolio site is only half-a-year old, and I feel like I needed to do more...

Aside from posting food illustrations at least twice a week, I plan on starting on two printed zines in full-color of food illustrations, and release them through tiers. An animated video about sadness, too, perhaps? I'm also thinking of what I could do as gifts I could give back to the people who made pledges, aside from access to WIPs and BTS materials, and early access to final art... I'm still figuring it out, but I'm open to suggestions (and also private commissions, of course).

I'll see you all around!

A quiet, socially-anxious, little big introvert Me
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Aside from posting a minimum of 2 food illustrations per week, I'll start on a food series, which hopefully can lead to print.
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