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About Apryl Jensen

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My name is Apryl Jensen and I've been working as a sculptor, instructor, and writer for the last 10 years. I own two art companies, MakingFairies.com and ArtDolls.com and well as the online university for sculptors, SculptUniversity.com.  I also run a sculpting YouTube Channel named aprylian that has over 46,000 subscribers.  We are seeking to expand the scope of the teaching we do, to make it easily accessible to anyone online, and to be able to travel and bring sculpting classes to a city near you.

  • Dolls Magazine 
  • Curious Mondo Teacher
  • Quinlan Doll Show Instructor
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I'm realizing quickly I need a first, smaller goal.  That is to get a new video camera with auto focus that I can have on a tripod overhead and above me, so you can really see the sculpting well and no more out of focus mishaps.  Thanks for all of your support!
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