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This solely functions as a way to say "keep up the good work". You also get access to the activity feed.

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I regularly doodle pictures that aren't worth cluttering Aqua Bunny or even the Tumblr page with, but they're still pretty fun, humorous, sweet and maybe even scandalous (ooooo~). You'll also get t...

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All of the above, plus:
  • View media (and possibly comic) WIPs, including things like thumbnails/story boards, concept art, animatics and things of this general sort. Additionally, you ...

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  • Access to more polished animations or scenes.
  • Playable demos/betas for any games (good for feedback)
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I honestly don't know what else I can provide that people would want. There's things like hangouts, Flash/Animate tutorials, streams or personalized additions to games (if any) to consider, but I d...