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  •  Full access to all of my regular (weekly) postings (#Stashcast, #MondayMotivation, #ArtHaul & #IntuitiveHaul, #WIPWednesday, #ProjectTime, & #FOFriday)


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PLUS...You'll be included in my Communal Monthly Uncrossing Rite!  Each Full Moon I'll burn a 7 day candle for clearing crossed conditions in your life.  Each month will have a specific focus as per the Moon's sign, however general uncrossing will also be included!  You'll have the opportunity to write out a petition if you so choose & you'll get a brief update on the candle's behavior!

You'll also get...
  • Full access to all of my regular (weekly) postings (#Stashcast, #MondayMotivation, #ArtHaul & #IntuitiveHaul, #WIPWednesday, #ProjectTime, & #FOFriday)
  • Full access to all of my special monthly postings (#Kalendcast, #StudioShare, #Sabbatcast, #Celticcast, #AMA, & #BuJoSetup)
  • All potluck posts (random posts that don't fit in the weekly schedule)
  • Access to exclusive lenses
  • Inclusion into my Monthly Reiki Share automagically


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You'll also get...
  • Full access to all of my regular (weekly) postings (#Stashcast, #MondayMotivation, #ArtHaul & #IntuitiveHaul, #WIPWednesday, #ProjectTime, & #FOFriday)
  • Full access to all of my special monthly postings  (#Kalendcast, #StudioShare, #Sabbatcast, #Celticcast, #AMA, & #BuJoSetup) 
  • All potluck posts (random posts that don't fit in the weekly schedule)
  • Access to exclusive lenses
  • Inclusion into my Monthly Reiki Share automagically
  • Access to my Full Moon #Lunarcasts
  • Inclusion on my Monthly Uncrossing Rite with the option to focus on specific energy via a petition + updates on the candle's activity



About Aradia Naware

Here & Queer in every sense of the word
to allow you an unadultered peek into a neurodivergent creative's brain.

You'll hear me ramble on about creativity, art, inspiration, intuition, magick...and whatever else comes to mind.

So come on in, snag a seat, & let's dish!

What you'll see here...

Most of my posts will consist of weekly videos that are publicand delve into various creative projects I have going on. You can expect this rough guideline as a schedule:

  • Sunday: #Stashcast (wherein I show you something from my stash, talk about what it's for, & more importantly what I'm doing with it).
  • Monday: #MotivationMonday (these will come as they apply, I'll be talking about what's got me going for the week & hopefully motivate you too! Alternatively/additionally I'll talk about my #WeeklyGoals.)
  • Tuesday: #ArtHaul or #IntuitiveHaul (I'll explore some specific things I've bought, generally as I've bought them, with some why & what along with it. This may also include things I've received in the mail or as a donation.)
  • Wednesday: #WIPWednesday (you get to see what I'm working on, how it's going, what's left, & hear about my feels on the project. On weeks where I've done a #WeeklyGoals cast on Mondays, I'll also check in about those here!)
  • Thursday: #ProjectTime (currently a short livestream of me working on something, minimal conversation to maximize your artistic ogling)
  • Friday: #FOFriday (whatever's gotten finished in the last week you'll see here! If nothing has been finished this'll be a potluck post chosen from my super secret squirrel list!)

Other posts that will interrupt this schedule, but are done on a monthly basis (aka "Hors d'oeuvres" Tier) + "Potluck Posts":

  • #Kalendcast: done on the first of the month to review & plan.
  • Saturday: #StudioShare (first Saturday of the month only. Other Saturdays will be potluck posts chosen from my super secret squirrel list!)
  • #Lunarcast (New Moon edition) & (Full Moon edition): done on the New or Full Moon respectively. I'll talk about the energy of the Sun, Moon, & then check out the energy for the day specifically from a numerological perspective!
  • #Sabbatcast: special casts talking about the Celtic Wheel of the Year holidays (which figures into my personal practice)...I'll dish any & everything about these days including some mythos, recipes, activities etc.
  • #CTM (Celtic Tree Month): this is a new cast I'm introducing that will be talking about the qualities & energies of the Celtic Tree Month, similar to an astrological-ish forecast...but with Trees!
  • #BuJoSetup: this is a forthcoming cast dedicated to me setting up my Bullet Journal, in whatever form I'm using at the moment. This may be a full set up (unlined paper, from scratch) or it might be me just entering things into my planner BuJo style. Always done on the last day of the month for the following month!

Potluck Posts are chosen from a running list of other topics that may or may not relate to me, my work, my life. These are chosen at random based on what I have to say at a given moment so they may not appear in any particular order. These posts may or may not be Patrons only as they are typically infrequent & a bit less formal.

I'll also do a random Lens here & there, as the mood strikes or I come across something I find interesting or amusing enough to share. These will be largely public as they are short & don't last for more than 24 hours!  And as a little bonus you get in on my Monthly Reiki Share automagically* (to quote a mentor of mine)!

Additional tiers include extras outside of weekly & monthly postings like: communal candle rite ("Elevenses" Tier), meditative message ("Entrée: Tier), & all the art knowledge know-how ("Smörgåsbord" Tier)!
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